Season 5 worst #gameofthrones finale for me!

Today finally I decided I was gonna watch the last 2 episodes of game of thrones season 5. I was anxious, wasn’t sure what to expect. Finally I just finish watched the finale. I was left with a wtf!!! Expression on my face. Why? Because they killed John Snow in the end.

I mean seriously they killed off yet another main character. This show is the only show where the main characters die. I mean even Stannis died. I’m seriously starting to get pissed off with this show. In fact I might even stop watching it if John Snow is really dead.

Despite the disappointing deaths there wasn’t anything much that interesting happening for a last episode. I thought at least maybe the white walkers would of made it to castle black and it would of ended there. Still I guess next season alone will determine if I’m still a game of thrones fan or not. That said I really hate the writer of game of thrones George R R martin for killing of so many main characters.


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