No time to blog! Work keeping me busy

Hi friends and bloggers. I know its been a while. I just want to say surprisingly life is good. I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of graphic design work coming my way lately and I’m grateful for the opportunities. Also finally now that I’m working more I could afford buying a new phone. I had a old alcatel pixi 1 with the android gingerbread os but now bought the alcatel pixi 2 with android jelly bean πŸ™‚ .

I’ve been through a lot in the last month. I honestly can say I’ve grown in a positive way. Sure I had some ups and downs with my design client but I somehow managed to pull through and meet my clients needs. It feels good to feel like I have a purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Sure I’m dealing with my anxiety and depression issues still, but keeping busy helps not have time to be afraid or depressed I guess. Especially when you doing work that you love to do. I have been blessed in this month I thank God.

Well I’m glad I finally found some time to write a blog post. Finally free for the weekend no work. So gonna spend the weekend relaxing and catching up on tvshows and anime. Hope all of you have an awesome weekend too.


7 thoughts on “No time to blog! Work keeping me busy

  1. Hello!

    It’s inspiring to see such hard work being done for such a great passion.

    I’m fifteen, an aspiring graphic designer and I’m currently looking for a mentor to teach me the basics of drawing, designing and then hopefully meeting a clients needs.

    I’d be happy to work with you if you’re up for some more, unfortunate hard work.

    – Jason

    1. Hi jason you know you made my day. I’m glad I could inspire you. Sure I’d like to keep in touch. Visited your blog now to. I see you into photoshop that’s good start.

      I’ll be honest with you jason. I have no graphic design degrees. Everything I’ve learnt is from the internet, blogs and tutorials. I’m not sure if I’ll make a good mentor but I can give you some advice.

      If you using photoshop there many blogs with tutorials to get you started. If you lazy to read tutorials. Try youtube millions tutorials to help become the graphic designer you want to be. Its how I learnt. Also once you know the basics try and replicate other peoples work it was a tool I used to improve and help me with ideas being inspired by other peoples work.

      As for the drawing part I’m also not very good with drawing but thanks to software like adobe illustrator and inkscape. Tweaking the software enough can make you a pretty awesome artist. Making your lines straighter, curves neater. Like I said before you can learn these things online on youtube. Also vectors are a good way to good when creating drawing. You really need to know how to draw just tweak shapes into drawing. Trust me if I can do it you can to.

      On the client part I suggest do some work for free. Maybe for a friends blog , neighbours business or family member or offer someone online to design for them. This will help you get experience and build a portfolio. With experience you will learn how to meet you clients needs.

      I hope this helped jason. I’m sure you gonna be a great graphic designer.

      1. Thanks a lot!

        I currently only have $79 cash and was wondering what your advice would be on a photoshop or computer sketching electronic tablet with pen.

        I only ask, because drawing using a mouse is difficult.

        Thanks again for your tips!

      2. My pleasure πŸ™‚ A sketching electronic tablet is great, I’m not sure how much they cost though. Yeah it will make a huge difference having that. Photoshop is great enough plugins and features to keep any graphic designer going. If you do have the money I suggest you practice drawing on photoshop you can also tweak it to draw more smoothly, you can google how. There’s always a way to make it work for you.

      3. Sweet thanks!

        Will look into both.

        Recently starting a part time job at maccas I’m waiting for my first shift.

        Will use my first few pays to afford a tablet and then save the rest.

      4. That defiantly sounds like a plan. Good luck to you on your venture I also look to forward work with you in the future. Will definitely been in touch with you and reading you blog. See you progress πŸ™‚

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