I’m not weird I have anxiety!

Hi bloggers and friends its a busy week for me with my nieces engagement this weekend. Having it at my home because of the big space. Anyway talking relationships. It comes to my attention some people think I am weird. Talking behind my back. I honestly don’t care. All I know is I’m going through a lot with my battle against anxiety and depression.

I’m 30 and single and people seem to be asking the question how come I don’t have a girl friend, or rather should I say! Probably family gossiping behind my back or so. The truth is my anxiety has progressed into social anxiety which means now I find to hard to be around new people or in public. Its often the reason why I don’t go out a lot now days and sit in my room and work from home. I hide behind social media to avoid human contact.

I know its not normal. I am on medication but it only helps calm me down and not adapt to real life situations. On the other hand if I don’t take my medication I want to kill myself.

Well welcome to the story of my life. Anxiety is real. You can’t pray it away but you can pray for the strength to face it everyday. I am slowly getting better through the help of God and medication but its a daily battle with sometimes a few set backs.


4 thoughts on “I’m not weird I have anxiety!

  1. I know how you feel, my social anxiety can be pretty bad and also makes people think I’m weird, which gives me even more anxiety… Good luck with your battle, but know that you’re not alone!

    1. hey thanks for support 🙂 thanks for not letting me feel alone in this. Hope you are well and taking care of yourself. Yeah social anxiety sucks just didn’t expect something like that would ever happen to me lol.

      1. Ah sorry man hope you get better soon. Focus on the value of your life to. By the way I did check out you blog and I gotta say I love your drawing comics they really good 🙂 I’m a graphic designer bt when comes to drawing I suck but I still like to try. Have to say you comics did inspire me to try hard though

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