What is it! To be blessed?

Hi my friends and bloggers hope you been well. Lately something been worrying me. I’ve been blessed a lot the last month. Prayers are being answered. I don’t get why now. I’ve been praying in the past harder and was more dedicated to God back then. Now I just pray in the mornings but ever since my Dogs died I lost faith in God.

Recently I’ve become bored and empty with my life. Besides the fact I’m suffering from anxiety. I’ve prayed and asked God for a new cell phone and he gave me 2. Because of my anxiety I asked God for purpose and a job where I’d be able to work from home some how and he did that too.

I don’t understand. Is this what it means to be blessed. I’m not sure I deserve it. I’ve seen many more people more deserving and holier than me, their prayers un answered. So why is mine being answered all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for God’s blessing. Just not used to prayers being answered I guess.


7 thoughts on “What is it! To be blessed?

  1. The ways of God are truly unsearchable… perhaps to see if blessings will take your heart away from Him or to show you what it feels like to talk to Him and know He hears and answers, or may be so that your testimony can inspire someone…the reasons are varied, but He alone really knows why.
    Remain blessed and remain connected to the source of your blessing.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. Means a lot someone taking the time to read what I have to say. Its been a struggle between me and God and as you can see I get why I’m being so blessed all of sudden but I thank God that I am.

  2. Its weird how life works, how our prayers are answered and even when. Sometimes when we may want something no matter how much we want it we don’t know if in fact in that moment or ever if its good for us, that only who we believe in knows. Intention and sincerity is key when praying but also patience. Sometimes its best to pray that you are blessed with what is good and to be kept away from what is bad. You expectations will never be disappointed and in that way you will be happy with the outcome. Life never goes as planned and sometimes the best acceptances of our prayers at random moments make great future stories to look back to. I’m glad things are working out for you know, I know it won’t always and things will go unplanned at times. But everything does happen for a reason no matter how bad. Just never lose faith because you have to experience some saddness to be truely happy and grateful when something good comes along and there will always be something good. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean. When prayers get randomly accepted it completely freaks you out to a point where you’re paranoid the blessings are going to end, well thats how it is for me, I would think I’m bad luck, that how come my prayers never got accepted or took ages to.
    I think intention and sincerity of the prayer is key. Sometimes we get so lost asking for things that we never do so with a true belief or even thank the Lord with that much faith as we had when asking.
    We don’t know what’s in store for us and we can only pray that it’s good. I’m not saying never pray for what you want more like include “if it’s good for me bring it in my life and if it’s bad keep it away and replace it with a good dream in my heart.” See we all have things we yearn for but how much guarantee do we have that it will be good for us?
    Be thankful your prayers are getting accepted and never lose faith. Sometimes you don’t know what bad things you’re being saved from when your prayer gets delayed.
    There will be times saddness and pain comes your way, but if everything went smoothly and great you wouldn’t truly appreciate at the good when it goes happen.
    Sometimes these random acceptances as irritating as it can be because they come true when you give up make a good story as time goes on and you look back. I am happy things are going good for you and that you continue to have alot more blessings just don’t forget to be thankful or let the worry and all the bad stuff get to you.

    1. You right that’s a nice way of putting it. Cause it did freak me out all of a sudden. Cause good things don’t usually just happen and it becomes a lil scary wondering what I did to deserve it. Thanks for ur kind and good words of blessing. I appreciate it. Yeah I’m really grateful for what I have in my life and the people around me. Also thanks again 🙂 wish you many blessing as well

      1. Sorry about the double comment, it said the didn’t go through and I thought I had to retype it all over again.
        Also, sometimes you see people getting blessing after blessing, and really not working hard enough or whatever to have it in their life, but sometimes we always think the grass ins greener on the other-side when we don’t really know what’s happening on that side.
        Aww you don’t have to thank me lol

      2. Its cool it happens to me sometimes too. Double comments. Dam to retype that’s a mission but thank you though. Come on if someone says something nice and positive I gotta thank you. Hope you well and have and awesome weekend. Yeah I am blessed just need to focus on controlling and beating my anxiety these days.

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