The feeling of doubt creeping in!

Lately apart from my job as a graphic designer. I wanted to slowly build my own client base and work from home. Be my own boss. I’ve already started putting things together. My website I’m working on, business cards etc. Recently one of these days this strange feeling just hit me. The reality of what I’m doing. This feeling of doubt came over me. Like? Are you really going to start your own business. Thoughts like no way you can do it.

Honestly this started to make me panic. It even recently affected my performance at work. Its like my all my creativity was zapped. Feeling so drained but overwhelmed. Apart from me having an anxiety disorder this really sucked. That feeling doesn’t want you to even want to wake up in the morning to go to work. I just wanted to sleep all the time. Probably would of ended up in a deep depression.

I honestly had to stop everything I was doing. Had to pace myself at work also. Avoided doing to much and slowly calming myself down. My anxiety medication also did help but taking my mind of work and my career goals, also helped relieve the pressure. I guess my mind was overwhelmed working all the details and kinks. Processes of how, when, what I should do. It really did wreck my brains.

The only way I got through this was having a plan focusing on the most essential goals one at a time. Unfortunately its not as easy as it sounds. I’m impatient and want success right now. I know it won’t happen overnight but doesn’t mean I don’t desire it.


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