I got an offer for sex! Wtf

Hi guess I can finally write about something interesting that happen in my life.  If you read my last post you would know I recently connected with a girl from my class in high school.  Its been 13 years since seeing each other.

We only met at least 2 times in person.  I honestly don’t know what I did to leave such an impression that she likes me so much.  So I been honest with her from the start that I just wanna be friends.  But every night since then she tells me how she feels an that she likes me.  Once again I been honest with her.  Still she ignores what I have to say.

Last night for me was the most craziest part.  But before we go to there. I’ve been nice with her but it didn’t work so i decided maybe I can turn her off by talking about sex but instead she offers me sex.  Even after I told her I couldn’t ask that of her. Then I asked her won’t you feel used if I had sex and leave you.  She said no!  We would still be friends.  I told her no still because I ‘m not that kind of person.  She told me before I went to sleep that the offer still stands I want to have sex with her.  Like wtf!!! I’m thinking in my mind.

I honestly don’t know what to do in situation.  I just can’t fuck a girl that I’m not attracted to both physically and personality wise if I’m not used to them or love them.  Any advice?  Anyone!


5 thoughts on “I got an offer for sex! Wtf

    1. I’m just a regular guy. I’m not sure what happen here but my guess maybe she’s lonely and cause I say not to being with her she using sex to draw me in but that’s just a guys view. You girls would know better right.

      1. Yeah I guess you right. Hope you know right about her trying to pin something on me. I think I would handle that well. I honestly don’t get this womens problem. Hopefully its over now. That I set her straight.

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