Anxiety and depression comes back

Hi have you ever felt, when will this phase of our lives is gonna end.  My anxiety and depression got triggered recently and I don’t know why.  I couldn’t barely work or focus.  I want to stay in bed all the time.  Feeling extremely tired and lazy.

I honestly felt like committing suicide recently.  These feelings of what’s the point of living.  Because I don’t even know why I’m waking up in the morning.  A girl I went on a date with.  Pointed out that I lacked emotion.  She was right.  Its seems I’m having a hard time opening up and letting myself feel.  Guess after my dogs died.  I was so heart broken.  I closed my heart off subconsciously so i wouldn’t feel that way again.

Life is short I don’t want anxiety or depression to rob me of anymore time I have with everyone in my life. It’s true I’m scared of being left alone in this world.  Lately people have been dying and our family is getting smaller.  My parents getting older.  Guess thinking about these things makes me panic.  I maybe 31 but I’m a kid at heart I need my family.

I don’t know what to do but get high on antidepressants just so I can get through each day.


4 thoughts on “Anxiety and depression comes back

  1. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety about 3 years ago. Some things in my life all started to go bad at once and it triggered a dangerous chain of events. I lost several people close to me and I didn’t know how to rearrange my life without them in it. I felt hopeless, exhausted all the time, and manic. I thought I was losing it. I can tell you that the best thing that I ever did was go to my doctor and tell her everything that I was feeling even if it was embarrassing or I thought it was shameful. Just reaching out, saying these things out loud, asking for help, making a call… it’s half the battle. I’m working on a poem about anxiety currently for my blog and I just happened to search the term “anxiety” three minutes after you posted this. Coincidence? I think not. I know what you’re going through and if you need someone to talk to please there’s no shame in asking for help. I would be glad to lend an ear, or seek a friend who is a good listener, a doctor or the website has helped me greatly. Just reading other people’s personal stories about how their anxiety manifested itself helped me feel calmer, like I wasn’t such “a freak” like I believed. Please do not feel alone, you aren’t.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Guess my blog is the only place I can really be honest with myself. I appreciate the comment really. Thanks for the advice to. I guess you can call this a relapse because a year ago I had gotten help for my anxiety. I am taking antidepressants. But lately something just hit me and I fell back into depression mode I don’t really know why. But I feel more alone that ever these days. Sure I’ll love to chat to you more and could get some more advice if that won’t be any trouble. Thank you 🙂

  2. Damn WP made me log in to leave my comment then didn’t bother to publish it for you Vishal and I am so sorry. Don’t forget the APASS community, we’re here for you too.
    The short of it from what I sid before is to hang in there, if you MUST use pharmacology ask for something mild that has been around for 20 years or more so you will at least still have your wits, and when it hurts most never forget you hurt so from the love you feel and one day ( hopefully after you’re a grandfather) you’ll all be together eternally. You only have to miss them for a while. I tell myself this all the time too.
    Despite me not doing much social media lately I am always open if you need venting or to bounce thoughts. 1 more thing, DO NOT be afraid to share your love, it can help a great deal. Having recently gotten married again I know this truth. So maybe you need another little buddy.
    Hang in there, my friend. I’m here for you too!

    1. Thanks my friend for always worrying about me. I’m doing a little better 🙂 I never forget you guys and the community 🙂 hope u doing well to. Its hard sometimes but with hard work and determination it helps push forward everyday.

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