Omg! There’s a new yugioh movie #anime coming this April 2016


I just got to say i had a bad week.  Stuff at work,  i got sick.  Just expecting things to get worse.  Today i went on Facebook and i saw a link regarding the anime yugioh.  Of course i clicked on it.  Yugioh (original) was one of the first and favorite animes i ever watched.  So when i clicked on the link only to find out that there’s a news about thr yugioh movie from the original series.

There was also the trailer.  I can’t tell you how many times i watched the trailer.  Omg I got goose bumps watching the trailer.  The animation looks awesome and new.  Still can’t believe that this is happening.

From what I seen so far they show us in the movie is continuing where the series ended. Which what every anime and yugioh fan is waiting for.  Also the story is written by the original author of the manga so you know it’s gonna be awesome besides the trailer did look amazing.  Still feels so long till April.  I just can’t wait for this movie.


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