Overwhelming choices

Overwhelming choices

Life isn’t so easy when you trying to aim for your dreams. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed and doubting myself. Why? Over 5 years ago I got into graphic design using free software ‘gimp and inkscape’ but as of lately I’ve been working in the print design industry and I have to use photoshop and illustrator. This means its like starting from scratch learning new software and how this industry works.

Its bad enough I have anxiety but now I can’t sleep. All I’m thinking about is when will I’ll been done learning this software. I’m anxious everyday. Its eating me up. I’ve even given thought to giving up on graphic design.

Sure I’m working now but my job might soon come to an end. Sure its a great job but I always wanted to be my own boss someday. Sure it sounds great in theory but its easier said than done. I still haven’t settled on a design for my own business cards. I haven’t had the courage yet to call or make any communication with any printing company that I might use in the future to print my clients designs.

It feels like a pipe dream, I’m 31 and Starting over in graphic design, Which makes me a beginner again. So do I even stand a chance? To start my own business. Its killing me all these choices. If only I had someone to talk to. Someone to help me in my field. That would be amazing but life isn’t that easy right. I don’t have the connections or the resources.

Do I give up or keep trying….! Guess we will see in time.


6 thoughts on “Overwhelming choices

  1. I saw an earlier post by you- 2012, I was just checking the sources for an image you used for my blog. But your earlier post got me wondering how you’re doing. Just glad you’re still there and plugging along even though it’s not easy. Just so you know I’m 55 and you complain about getting older and I have to laugh! You’re still young and strong! I like your attitude- don’t give up! And as for girls- you’re previous post- being an older woman I have no clue where to meet thoughtful girls- I think the internet world has messed up people’s communication skills. You need to find some intellectual connections- all I can think of is taking some class that is an interest of yours (you can always just attend but not for credit- audit the class- I believe it’s a lot cheaper). Like I love History. You’ll meet like minded people, but if you do it because you love it- not just to meet girls. I think you meet people you love when your focus is elsewhere on just having a good time. You have lots of followers- lots of people do care- remember that. You are obviously not alone. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey thanks for the deep comment. Means a lot u reading my blog thinking of me. Yeah just a bit frustrated with my life these days so I vent by blogging my thoughts.

      Haven’t had a good relationship or met the right women. N u right maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. Gotta try something different πŸ™‚

      As for feeling old I just thought I’d have accomplished much more by the time I reach 31. But I’m hanging in there still fighting for my dreams. Not easy but life isn’t. I’m glad you comment thought of me. Made my day knowing someone out there cares about me πŸ™‚ hope you are well to and have a blessed day.

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