Getting lonelier with age!

Today as I woke up listening to a song.  I became quite emotional.  Basically I started to feel lonely. As the days, months and years are going by I’m seeing friends and family less and lesser. I can’t describe this feeling of loneliness.  It makes me feel sick and empty at times.

I wish i could turn back time.  The days when life was less complicated. No responsibilities.  Just going out and having fun. Unfortunately we can’t go back to those days.  Friends have kids others getting engaged.  Their lives are busy.  I’m happy for them,  they my friend.  I just miss them.

As for family.  My brother can’t visit us his wife hates our family and won’t let him visit us.  My sister lives a bit far off so I see her at church or special occasions like birthdays etc.  Still even when we do get together the family!  We couldn’t be further apart.  Everyone’s on their phones chatting to someone else. That’s why I miss my dogs so much because when nobody was around they was always there for me.  Now that they gone I’m still heart broken over it.  What must I do life must go on. 

The worst part of my life I’m the single guy in bunch of friends.  Haven’t been in love since high school.  How lame is that.  I just think with age comes loneliness. Guess I was feeling more lonely that I realized writing this post.


4 thoughts on “Getting lonelier with age!

    1. Hi thanks for the sweet comment. Just want to Thank you again and a big hug to u to. You going through a lot yourself and I’m glad people like us can relate. Knowing we are not alone. I’m glad you found someone to make you happy 🙂 My sister got a cat and his playful.

      Yeah loneliness sucks but I was glad to get your comment. Made me think that I am not alone 🙂 life will get better.

      1. R I’m glad it made you feel a tiny bit better. Stay strong and remember to have fun. I still struggle some days but I have so many lovely memories to look back on I try not to dwell on the bad times :(.
        We must stick together yes 🙂

      2. Thanks you did make the difference 🙂 yeah love to stick together. Keep in touch you know where to find me vice verse lol.

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