She’s so beautiful my new co worker crush!

Today I went to work early. As I always do.  When I went into work I couldn’t help but notice there’s this hot attractive women sitting near my office.  My co-worker ‘Pretty’  and yes her name is pretty.  She introduced me to my new co worker.  It was her first day on the job. She was sweet,  friendly and smart.  Was great chatting to her.  Her name is Julie she said.  I thought it is a cute name but i couldn’t tell her.  I didn’t want her to think I’m hitting on her on her 1st day of work.  For me it was a crush at first sight.  Until I asked her how she travels to work and she said her husband dropped her off. Right there and then my crush,  or lust was just crushed.

I was so disappointed.  The fact that she’s married there’s no hope for me.  Still I like to get to know her better because she’s not only beautiful but has a good personality.  Also love to just have a good conversation with her if,  I can’t have sex with her that is.

Is it so wrong to want a friend or lover to be a newly hired co worker. Well guess time will tell how this will go.  So I have to put aside my lusy crush and be professional after all I have to work with her.


2 thoughts on “She’s so beautiful my new co worker crush!

    1. Awwh thank you. Yeah once we get to know each other and better and becomes friends. I will see if she have any single friends or cousins etc. Thanks I didn’t think of that. Worth a shot 🙂

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