Attended my 1st entrepreneur conference #startupgrind Durban

Hi guys just want to say last night was the most epic night of my life. Why you ask? Because for the first time in my life I attended an entrepreneur convention. You won’t believe it but just the day before this event I got an email about this conference.  I wasn’t sure if it was for real or not but I knew I had to attend and booked my ticket right away.

So i arrived half hour earlier before everything started.  As I went in I noticed a lot of people around my age.  Some younger and older.  They all here looking to learn and grow their skills or business.  Never have I been in a room with so much positive energy.

So before the conference started I got to mingle and connect with like minded people in different fields.  The guy I met was a debt collector,  then a lawyer and other people with so many PhD’s.  It was quite overwhelming!  Because I’m only a graphic designer.  This beautiful women sitting across me asks me why so nervous.  I told that I’m overwhelmed being here with so many incredible people.  She told that I was an introvert.  We did talk more after the conference.  Also met women for Zimbabwe.  She to was very beautiful.  We chatted and talked about how we wanted to learn and improve ourselves and encouraging one another while having snacks that they sponsored.

Finally the conference started.  I’m anxious but excited.  So this speaker’s story really did inspire me because she used the Uber concept and applied to domestic workers.  Creating employment and at the same time making money.  I guess key point I learnt from the conference was good customer service is the key no matter what business.  People will want to use your service simply because they like how you take care of their needs.  I mean who can’t say no to that.

Finally the conference ended and I went to shake hands with the speaker and host to let them know what a great time I had and that I learnt something to apply in my own life.

Once again after the conference they gave desserts and giving people another chance to mingle.  I ate something chocolaty,  it was Devine. Then I spoke to girl whose a dentist and just needed some motivation and came to this conference for that very thing.  Positive energy vibed all across the room.  I honestly didn’t want to leave.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for me.  Never have I networked like this before.  I also had the opportunity to give out a few of my business cards.

So finally got home tired and satisfied.  Feeling good about myself.  Came in my room Laying on my bed logged onto Facebook and the pretty girl from Zimbabwe invites me to be friends. We chatted a bit about how great the experience was and said that we should keep in touch.

Just thought I’d share my epic experience with my blog family.  Also changed the theme of my blog.  It’s time for some changes I guess.  Anyway thanks for reading and if you was at #startupgrind Durban Google for entrepreneurs conference last night and reading this.  Comment,  email,  tweet me.  Love to connect with you.











2 thoughts on “Attended my 1st entrepreneur conference #startupgrind Durban

  1. Congratulations for getting out and about. Big things are in store for you mate! Read my blog poem on state of mind…thing big and you will win! Just be positive. So happy for you and this is just the beginning. Just think it it will happen! Keep blogging.

    1. Awwwh thank you for your kind words. It was scary but exciting getting out there. Once again you means a lot your encouragement. Will definitely check out your post later tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to a great read ๐Ÿ™‚

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