Pay day? cha-ching

I don’t know why but this last month it felt like forever before I got paid. I was off last week friday or I would off got paid then. Finally today was the day. So I made sure an hour before I finished work I reminded my manager that she has to pay me cause she often forgets she said ok when I finish work today I’d get paid.

So 10 minutes before getting ready to go home she comes of gives me an envelope and pays me in cash. As soon as my manager left I open the envelope only to notice that half my pay was there. It was a shocker! I hate complaining but when it comes to work and money I’m serious. So I told her this is the story and she’s like! ‘I know what happened I have to check the books’. I made sure she sorted it out before I left. Its kinda a pain in the ass when you have to ask for your money at work but what’s worse is when they make a mistake with how much they owe you.

Well I finally did get paid but can’t really celebrate that I’d be broke soon. Spending money on data, junk food, hope catch a movie on cinema which I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Also wanna spoil myself a little but sometimes we need to save. Dammit why is this so had making important decisions. I hate being an adult, being responsible is over rated.


4 thoughts on “Pay day? cha-ching

      1. Yeah u so right!!! It felt so weird to go approach them about their mistake guess bosses don’t value their workers lol

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