Saying Goodbye to my eldest brother

Saying Goodbye to my eldest brother

Hi today I’m sure you read my post earlier about not having a brother to count on. Until tonight I may of gotten those facts wrong. My eldest brother finally came to see us tonight to pick up his clothes and stuff. Before leaving he told my mom everything why he doesn’t come here. Why he had to ignore us.

It seems my eldest brother wife is Is almost bipolar the way she behaves. She told my brother she hates us and actually getting violent about it. How she terrorize him. If my eldest brother has anything to do with us she throws fits and physically abusing my brother. He apologized to my mom,  dad and myself and said sorry for everything. He also apologize that if he is anywhere, like in a mall or anywhere that he is forced to ignore us and must please forgive him because his wife will never allow it.  She will give him hell if he makes any contact with us.

After hearing the truth behind his story it really made me cry to say goodbye also knowing I probably never gonna see him again. Life is so unfair. I think and ask myself how evil can a women can be to not let her husband visit his family.

Anyway I will miss having my eldest brother around. Just feel so hurt right now.


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