Why don’t I have a brother I can count on

Why don’t I have a brother I can count on

About a month a go my eldest brother who has forgotten his family visits us.  This is shocking because his not allow to visit us because his wife says so. Then he goes on about and talks about how good his life is without ever caring how my parents are doing. He comes over like nothing wrong. Sometime like a year ago at my aunts funeral he ignored me and my entire family as his wife’s wishes. I can’t explain the anger I felt towards him.

2 weeks ago my brother shows up at our homes saying his having problems with his wife and wants to stay at my home. My mom and dad are soft hearted sometimes and as Christians we are thought to forgive. Which my parents have done. The first few days I tried avoiding talking to him as much as I could. Cause in the end I know he will just leave and abandon our family again never to visit.

By the end of the week I let my feelings of hatred go and talk a little to him. 2 weeks now has passed and it been good until today. Before I explained that. My mom told my eldest brother if his staying here he has to pay board cause they are pensioners and everything from lights, water and food is expensive that his using here. So yesterday he got paid and gave my mom the money for living here. Later today he went shopping and bumped into his wife at the mall and she was furious that my brother has given my parents money for staying here and his wife said she wants the money back now. My parents also went shopping to and spent most of it.

Now my brother is probably go back to his home and never to return because his wife’s doesn’t allow him to visit here. So my heart is broken again. Don’t think I trust my eldest brother again.


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