Cyber bullied

Cyber bullied

Today I Intended to write an entirely different post since its been a while but something happened today that shattered my confidence. For most of you who follow my blog you know I’m a freelance graphic designer and for those who don’t. Now you do. So on facebook I joined a group for graphic designers a long time now. So sometimes when I design a logo or something for a client. I post it on the group hoping to get feedback or some constructional criticism.

Today that didn’t happen. Hell broke loose. So today I was attacked and the criticism was towards me instead of my work. First I was called a liar then accused to stealing other people’s work and then from there it just got worse. I even asked them what is wrong with my work and what should I do to improve it. They wouldn’t hear it. Couple people starting trashing me. I was feeling hurt and replied and it just made it worse. Then emotionally I started loosing control. Broke into a panic attack. Thank God my parents where in the lounge watching tv. This is not something I want to talk to with my parents about. It’s hard enough having anxiety I don’t wanna trouble them anymore than I should.

This made me think. Maybe I’m not as talented as I thought as a graphic designer. Maybe it’s time to give up. Honestly I’m not feeling all to good about graphic design. I don’t need anymore anxiety than I already have. Only problem is I love the creating stuff when it came to design but not all the other shit that goes with it. I don’t think I’m gonna post anything for a while now or ever when comes to design.


5 thoughts on “Cyber bullied

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, buddy! I’ve always loved your work and don’t think you should pay attention to those jerks, who likely can’t make a circle anyway. Now I know why you disappeared from FB and I hope you’ll come back sometime.

    1. Hi my friend good to see you. Yeah was a hectic situation made me sad though that other designers would treat other designers so bad. My old facebook account was messed up and hacked so I made a new one in December recently il add you on it. Thanks man for all the support and sad to Google plus go also.

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