Going off my anxiety medication

Going off my anxiety medication

Hey its me it’s the first of march so fast. Decided to make some major decision starting with going off my anxiety medication. I just feel that I have taken them for so long and it hasn’t really changed my life in the way I hoped for. Maybe my expectation was to high on taking theses meds. I admit its been challenging to adapt. It’s been 6 days without meds and I am feeling a bit sick, uneasy on the stomach. On the good side I have been able to feel again and not so feeling so emotionally numb.

Only lately I’ve felt like the effects of my anxiety medication where hurting me. Sometimes when I woke up I would feel so groggy and like my brain had just taken a beating. Best sides I will still go for therapy and I’ve read many people have overcome anxiety without their meds. So these hope right!? Well my readers haven’t given up on me so there’s at least one reason not to give up. There where many times where I thought it’s time to stop this blog. Maybe no one even cares about what I’m writing about. So I been checking the wordpress stats and I have many readers. Even if there are no comments. I have an audience. Also I get 1 or 2 new followers every time I write a post. So you guys my readers have helped me kept me motivated enough to still continue my blog. So thank you.

I’ve tried green tea since I read a lot about how many good benefits it has. I haven’t felt those effects since been only a few days but I do hope it helps. Anyway just though I’d share my thoughts and what I’ve been through lately. Have an awesome weekend.


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