My graphic design error! digital to print


As a graphic designer in the real world it’s a lot more different. I’ve been so used to designing for digital, but now that I’ve gotten a job where i have to design for print. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I haven’t accounted for bleed and dpi.

Still I’m glad I’ve made these mistakes. I’ve learnt a lot since I started this job. I’m slowly easing into the designing for print. Well after viewing some tutorials and reading some design for print blogs I believe I’m up to speed when it comes to print design.

What’s funny is! I kind of come from 3 generations of family working in the printing industry. My dad and my 2 brothers, but some how I didn’t want to be evolved in the same industry as my family but some how i did even if its on the graphic design side which is slightly different.

Here’s 1 of my first designs to be printed as book cover. Please mind the quality my phone camera isn’t very good.


Finally achieved my client design goal


Hi followers, and friends. Hope you weekend is treating you better than its treating me. For me this weekend was about finishing a book cover design for a client. I’m happy to say I finally achieved that today thank God. It was easy but I was motivated. So much so that I was in the zone and managed to design 3 beautiful but elegant book covers.

I was friday night when I started. I wasn’t sure if I could get it done. Saturday came and I reminded myself why I need to do this and succeed. This is the 1st time I’ve challenged myself in a long time. I happy to say its been a long time since I felt alive like this.

Today was a win for me and I am grateful to God for giving me creative ability that help me achieve my clients goal. Also my friend Zak helped a lot more than he knows. He inspired me that I could do it even when I doubt that I could.

Anyway just had to blog my today progress. Have an awesome weekend.

Anxiety, graphic design and a difficult client


Its been about 2 weeks now that my friend organised me an opportunity to do some design work. The client wants a book cover designed. I’ve have a lot of failed attempts in pleasing this client, because I’m not really sure what he wants. Last week I designed a cover exactly how he wanted with the help of my friend Zak khan. He did like it then but changed his mind this week.

I need to wrap up this job by this weekend. I just met with my friend Zak earlier today to discuss design ideas. I believe we made progress. We always seem to be a good creative team. Now that I am home the lights are off because of load shedding which is something common here in south africa now days. So about 2 hours I’ll have to wait before the lights come on.

Waiting and waiting I’ve been building up anxiety. Feeling very anxious because I’m in the mode to design and I can’t wait anymore but I can’t do a thing till the lights come on. I had to take my anxiety meds because I began to breathe heavily and panic a little. Anyway I have my reasons for why I need to get this job done soon. I’m sure my friend Zak knows why to 🙂 I’d also like to thank my friend Zak for this opportunity.

Wish me luck and everyone have a great weekend 🙂

Graphic design is harder than I expected


Lately I’ve been struggling with my design skills. It seems it doesn’t matter how well you know a piece of software. If you aren’t motivated or feeling creative enough you cant get the job done which has been my problem lately. I have a new design project coming up. Its a simple job but still I doubt my skills. Feeling anxious just thinking about it, wishing to fast forward to when it will be over. Guess because I have anxiety is why I feel the way I do. I decided to get back to basics so I can build some confidence and also to remember why I loved graphic design because there are times when I feel like I hate it. I dont know if other graphic designers feel this way. Still despite these challenges I want be the best graphic designer I can be.

Im proud to launch my 1st kids ebook now available on amazon



Today im excited because I get to launch a kids ebook I’ve been designing for this last month. The book of course is called ‘Jack and Sofia’s space adventure’ like the picture above. I’ve finally found something im passionate about and I owe it all to my friend and business partner ‘Zak khan’.

I never imagined i’d design a kids book before. One day out of the blue my friend Zak says to me I have this idea! I was like not really into it at 1st. He said I’m a writer and you a graphic designer lets create a kids book company.

I thought it was insane because I usually design posters and edit photos. Ok I admit I stalled a bit because I was unsure where to start or if I even wanted to do this.

Once I got into designing mode I couldn’t stop. I loved designing these ideas for these kids books. My friend Zak did an awesome job with the writing of the book and the editing of the website.

Our companies name is ‘starsonmarsbooks’,because we are imaginative I’d like my readers, followers or anyone looking for kids books. Please support our book at

Just want say thankyou for taking the time to read my post and supporting me. My business partner and I have worked very hard on this book.

Designed my first engagement decor board for my friends engagement


This last weekend my friend she was getting engaged. She asked me to do her a favour and make her a board or decor with saying like welcome to our engagement etc. Of course I said yes its been a while since I did something like this and I thought it might be fun. She bought all the things I needed to work with.

Friday night I began making the engagement board with the help of my niece. I needed her input and help to finish things more quickly since the engagement being saturday and all. We did not rush though, me and my nice began to experiment with different colours of glitter. Mixing them together and see if we could spice things up. We mixed red and sliver. Blue and aqua. These colour combinations worked out perfect.

Its been a while since I had fun like this. I’ve taken photos for those of you who want to see the decor board I created.

Taking my graphic designs skills online


There comes a point in a persons career when you ask yourself what am I doing wrong if you not getting results. Its been 3 years. I’ve doing graphic design for fun. Designed some posters for churches and favours for friends. Still I love what I do but its getting me nowhere. Freelance work is hard to come by and even when you do get freelance work you don’t make enough money.

It came to my attention that I should work as a graphic designer online. My friend Zak Suggested this to me and also was listening to one of pat Flynn’s podcast that suggested the same thing.

I’m don’t really know how exactly but from what my friend told me so far. Websites like stockexchange and istock will sell my designs and take a small percentage. Unfortunately it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Its takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. Still its works because while I do my freelance work from home. In my spare time I can use sites like istock and stockexchang to promote and sell my designs online.

Still I have no idea what I’m doing. So sunday I’m gonna meet up with my friend, have a master mind meeting and let him explain to me how exactly to go about things since his making money online. Its still a struggle for me since I don’t have internet or wifi. Everything online I do so far “like my blogging” is done from my phone.

I also launched my design brand flamingfoxgraphics recently and created the facebook page. Also sharing some of my designs on my facebook page and getting the word out there. I haven’t made that much of an impact on facebook or potential local clients. So I’m gonna give selling my designs online a shot and see what happens. Also anyone who can advise me. Give me any possible advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I am looking forward in trying a new direction. Its time for a change. I always wanted to embrace the online economy but always afraid to take that risk.