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Letter to my past and future self

How awesome would it be to time travel. You could change your past or future. Sadly that technology doesn’t exist, but I taught it would be an awesome idea to write a letter to the past and future ME! I got that Idea from reading pat flynn’s book let go.

Letter to the past

To my 13 year old self you will be shocked to know that I have learnt graphic design all on my own. I’m also a blogger but I don’t think the technology I’m describing to you exist in your time. I’m writing this letter to tell you because if i could change my future I would. I’ve made many mistakes and the biggest one of all was around your age. I didn’t believing in myself enough.

My present which is your future has a lot of cool things. Like cellphones, playstation and big screen tv’s. I should warn you also in my time girls are different. They fast and dress sluty. So be careful not to lose your virginity to just anyone like I did. One more thing don’t be afraid to dream big.
That’s all I wanted to say is believe in yourself, you awesome.

Letter to the future

To my 50 year old self you better not of been lazy because my success and my life is in your hands. I wonder if any of your dreams have come true. Have you become an inspiration to others like I always believed I could.
I’m curious to know what our future is like. Am I married do I have kids. Are they girls or boys.

Do you still keep in touch with our closest friends, oyeshan, moses renaldo and zak. If I’m still alive by the age of 50 I’ll be able to write that post myself. Its been fun but gotta get back to reality for now wishing you an awesome future.


Clueless Monday’s

Monday’s no one is really ready for it. Everyone hates going back to work after a relaxing weekend. For me this monday is a clueless one. I find myself without a purpose. Being unemployed is harder than I taught. When I say clueless! I don’t just mean monday’s. My life seems clueless because I’m not sure if anything I’m doing is right ,weather or not my dreams will work out.

Maybe I’m just feeling the monday blues. All I can do is believe in myself. Having a dream, goal or passion is never certain that you will ever accomplish what you set out to do. All I’ve done today is watch a tv show called homeland which is awesome from the morning. The rest of my days is pretty clueless. Sometimes I just feel like life is standing still and i want to do something but have no idea how to.

There are some productive things I could do? Like contact clients who need any graphic design done for them. The reason I haven’t done so! Is because I suck at publicly or just speaking in general. I’m sure they will see right through me. I get nervous easily. Maybe I’m just making excuses. Like I said before I’m pretty clueless. I would love some advice on the matter instead of using google to look for answers.

Hope you not having a clueless monday people so enjoy your day.

Personal_note: I’m not a terrorist just willing to die for my dream