Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

What smart phone do you have? A blackberry, nokia, android or iphone. Well if you just using it for bbm ,instant messaging, facebook and twitter then don’t deserve a smart phone. Wait let me explain why? Smart phones have evolved to mini computers doing almost anything a pc can do? Wanna know more!

Smart phones means smarter apps. Apps that have higher capabilities. Now days smart phone apps can edit photos, edit videos, 3D gaming, high speed internet, video chats, edit spread sheets and word documents. Also you can read books in pdf and epub formats.

Had enough! Well I’m not done yet. Smart phones are also adapted for everything online made mobile. For example? There are apps for managing money. Apps for fitness and health. Banking apps. You wanna blog professionally straight from your smart phone! Well you can with wordpress, tumblr and blogger apps made to manage your blogs with ease.

Let’s not forgot social media. There are apps for every social network like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, myspace and instagram. The list can goes on. That’s why I get pissed when I see people using their smart phones only for texting, when there’s so much more they could do with it. it pays to be curious to experiment with apps and have fun in the process.

#question: To the audience? What are you doing to get the most out of your smart phone.


Its time for a new phone? Considering the nokia 210

To be honest I’m tired and bored with my blackberry. This phone is boring. If it wasn’t for the blackberry internet service I’d be done with it already. Also I got this phone for 2 years plus now, and the buttons and keypad is damaged but not so badly that I can’t use it, but I’ll just keep my blackberry as back up to download stuff and get a new phone as the primary one.

I’ve considered getting the nokia 210 because its a budget phone. Its affordable, it looks great and has a QWERTY keyboard and most of all its a smart phone. So I can still use smart instant messengers like whatsapp. What makes this phone even better it a shortcut key button to open whatsapp as you can see in the picture above. I hate touch screen phones, after having my blackberry I can’t go back to a normal keypad.

The real reason why i want that phone is. I love to blog and with a QWERTY keyboard I can still blog. I don’t need any fancy apps just as long as I can use whatsapp to chat to my friends, take photos, listen to podcasts, watch videos, download stuff and use the internet. Then that’s good enough for me. Because I don’t really have much money now. My pc is faulty and who knowns when it will fall apart but as long as I have a good smartphone I’ll survive. Technology and social media is my life.

Price USD:$76 of this phone. You could say this is a whatsapp branded phone 🙂

I hate iphone and the ipod, team android any day

I hate iphone and the ipod, team android any day

This pic was edited by me in gimp.

Wow its monday already and time to kick things of. I hate iphone and everything that goes with it, like the ipod ,Itunes and apple store is so dam expensive. Who the hell needs an ipod when your phone can play music. The iphone menu and theme is kinda boring but features are great but not within the average user price range. Not many people I no have an iphone and for those who do, well let’s just say they show offs.

Let’s get back to reality where the real people live. Android is what I call the peoples choice because its affordable and packed with features. Android has everything an iphone has but with a cheaper price tag. Anyone with an android device can now enjoy the latest apps just like iphone users. Android has become so successful that it made samsung into a leading brand against the iphone and won over other mobile phone companies like sony, Motorola and alcatel.

Of course most iphone users would disagree with me. I’m not saying iphone is crap, just saying its to dam expensive but I still think the ipod is crap. The ipod is just another product for apple to make money and people are so stupid enough to buy it when their iphone or ipad can do the same thing.

Last week I was playing my friends samsung galaxy tablet and the galaxy pocket mobile phone. I was surprised to see the range of apps available for it. Me I have a blackberry its ok but crap I think because the latest apps are not available for it, like pinterest, stumble upon and blogger. Just like iphone, android has an android store powered by google to buy or download free apps.

The samsung galaxy pocket gotta be my favourite. It is what I call a mini tablet and the price is absolutely cheap for anyone to afford it (if you employed lol).
Iphone’s seem to comes only in one design where by android comes in different designs weather it be a samsung or sony. The best part is android has both touch screen and qwerty keyboard phones available.

#What smart phone are you using. Do you disagree with me. Maybe you hate android and love iphone. Share your taught’s on your favourite smart phone and apps.