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To be a just a graphic designer or an illustrator!

Lately I found myself thinking  a lot about the type of graphic designer I want to be. I mean everyone now days knows how to usephotoshop and add a few text and effects and you got a poster! But with illustration it starts from scratch and the design is what ever you want it to be. 100 per cent your creation. Of course there are people who actually do know what they doing in photoshop as graphic designers that I admire.  But this is just me choosing a different path.

Besides being an illustrator would also be something of a childhood dream of mine come true. As a kid I always love to draw my cartoon characters.  Even though I’m a crappy artist software like photoshop and illustrator help you improve with lots of practice.

For the last few months I have been practising  a lot and my drawing are less bad than before. Small improvement I guess. I do feel like a
kid again taking this direction in design. I guess after going for that design conference last month helped me come to the decision of being an illustrator. Meeting my local hero and artist telling me I can do it. Who wouldn’t feel inspired by that.

Anyway its just what I’ve been thinking about lately and since I
haven’t blogged as much I should I thought I was about time to write a
post. Besides I’m working on starting a graphic design blog soon. Getting a name for it is usually the hardest part. I’ve learnt a lot in the last few years and I’d love to give back and share my experiences.

Have an awesome weekend my blog family and here’s some simple work I’ve done recently 🙂





Feel like taking on a new hobby

The thing you remember the most on monday is weather you had a good or bad weekend. Honestly I had a very boring weekend. Sunday was the only time I had some fun. I think I need a hobby something exciting to keep me on edge. My reason for having a new hobby isn’t only because I had a boring weekend, no! its also about spicing up your life and doing something you have never done or something you always wanted to do but didn’t.

Right now I haven’t got much to look forward to in my life. So taking on a new hobby might just bring back that passion for life again. I’m still undecided on what I want to do. I always loved to draw and sketch but sucked at it. Tennis was also an option but you need someone in order to play. I think I need to find a individual hobby so that I don’t have to bother anyone.

Its true that blogging is a hobby of mine but I’m looking for another hobby that’s more practical. I really need to make this happen! I need to feel alive again and I know having a practical hobby will help me gain confidence and take my mind of things. I have googled having a hobby and there are thousands of things you can do.
Its just so hard to choose from so many great choices. I am really interested in doing painting/art or forming a group like a book or chess club. I’ll give myself this week to think about it while I try different hobbies and see what I like. Remember hobbies are fun and will make your life more interesting. 🙂