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Friendships to remember! Going down memory lane

Today I’ve just been thinking a lot about friends who came and went from my life. When I moved here to newlands west durban (south africa) I was just entering my 1st year of high school. That was about 13 years ago. I didn’t know anyone. So I was kind of lost. My first friend I made here was! 2 of my neighbours daughters. Tanya and Tina they was sweet and I was shy.

I hardly spoke to them unless in school because they where girls and It wasn’t like I could just go and visit them. I was only 13 and fathers don’t want some guy hanging around their daughters even if its a neighbour. My 1st guy friend was a guy named kubeshen. He noticed we lived close by and noticed me walking to school everyday and decided to introduce himself. So we became friends.

Then later I met another friend who was in my class. A guy name renaldo. We wasn’t exactly friends at 1st. I don’t really know happen but one day during lunch break he gave me his school bag to hold and said to me his coming back just now but he never did. “Remember I didn’t really no him or speak with him back then.” He only came after lunch break for his bag I can’t even remember the excuse he told me. I remember I was so mad and I didn’t want to talk to him.

Eventually we did talk and realised we had stuff in common like a stupid sense of humour like in comedy. We liked mortal kombat, street fighter and megaman etc. We became close. Destiny may of had a hand in things because renaldo also lived close by my house.

So in the school holidays I’d hang out with my friends renaldo or kubeshan because they didn’t know each other until later on. When I hanged out with kubeshen he introduced me to some of his neighbours. Torino and lee. They to also became close friends. Then later I introduced renaldo to kubeshen and his neighbours and we all became bra’s (friends)

We had some crazy times hanging out. Doing stupid things. Back then we didn’t have cellphones or dvds so we would play cricket, pool, tops, marbles and play sega(gaming console) for fun.

As time when on in school was how I found my real friends. Renaldo was still my close friend and then later in grade 10 I met another guy friend in my class named oyeshan who also become my close friend. We wasn’t always so close until the last year of school. There was another friend I met moses from another class in my school and he now to is my close friend.

So basically in school lunch break I would hang out with my close friends moses, oyeshan and renaldo. We’d all hang out together. After school when I got home. I’d hang out with my 1st friends kubeshen, torino, lee and renaldo.

Finally when we finished school! Me, moses, oyeshan and renaldo began to hang out more and more and that’s how we became best friends over time.

Kubeshen and I was still friends but over time we drifted apart because he was always so negative. He didn’t believe in dreams so he would be kind of technical when we spoken about our dreams for our lives. So I didn’t cut him off completely just kept my distance. Now I don’t ever see him, but if I do see him somewhere we would just greet chat for a bit and part ways.

I have no regrets about that. I know who my real friends are. Moses, oyeshan and renaldo. They been through the good and bad times of my life. Its good to remember the journey. Peoples lives make for a good story. Also torino and lee moved to another city where they now live. So I haven’t seen them in like over 6 years.


Happy halloween and one year anniversary for my blog

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Happy halloween everyone. Yeah its that day again but for me it is also the one year anniversary of this blog. I wish everyone a great halloween. Have fun. Dresses up and trick or treat. Today is halloween and in south africa we don’t really celebrate it. Some people do have costume parties if you know where those parties at anyway.

Also I got into a debate with my friend about halloween weather its good or evil because we christians. I get what he means but sometimes you need to lighten up and have some fun. Dress up in costumes and party. Not do satanic sacrifices and shit, cause that would be evil.

Anyway its my one year blog’s anniversary and still can’t believe its been one year since I made this blog. I know I haven’t posted anything much in the last 2 weeks. I was depressed with my dog being sick but she’s feel a little better now. So that’s some goods news. My birthday is in about a weeks time so its something to look forward to also. I wish everyone for an exciting day.

Its time for change! Officially

Hi everyone its time I took a new approach on life. I decided I’m gonna change the way I do things, from the way I blog to relationships and even my faith. So I’m gonna get more involved in my own blog showing you more about my life and what I do. Not just random articles about relationships unless its one of mine.

This change all started yesterday when I commented on someone’s blog. She gave me advice and helped me restore my faith in god. She was sweet and not like those religious christians that wanna quote hundreds of scriptures to show you how smart they are. I learnt that I should find my own way to connect with god. She reminded me why we should believe in god and its simply about having hope and that is what god is really about. Those simple words change my life.

Guess if I ever go back on my word you can always hold me accountable. That’s why once this is posted online on my blog there’s no going back. 🙂

Many bloggers like myself put a lot of taught into a blog post. In fact this very post was inspired by that very taught. Today I taught to myself I’d do a blog post but couldn’t really think of what to blog about. Then I realised how much taught we bloggers put into every post. This really makes you appreciate blogging a lot more ,but what pisses me off is people who copy and paste (steal) content, just to drive traffic to their blogs.

Things people think about when writing a blog article!

I wonder how many comments or likes I’d get for this post

Is my article good enough

I need a better blog title so people will read my blog

Did people understand the message I was trying to send.

These are just a few examples and not taught’s you think about out loud but unconsciously. Its takes me about an hour to finish a blog post. Why am I saying this? Because I appreciate the effort that people put into blogging.

Anyone can blog about anything but its your passion that drives you to write awesome articles in the end. So what do you think about? When you blog. Let me know or comment so others can relate with you 🙂

Its official I have obesity!!!

What the hell I’m obese! Sorry mind my manners. Its a shock to me that I could have obesity. For the last weekend I couldn’t sleep due to my over weight choking the breathe out of me. Sure I have asthma but now life’s gotten a lot worse for me due to my obesity. What do I do. Just when you think your life is getting better something happens to set you back.

Its not just the sleeping anymore its everything. I’m out of breathe and tired just by walking around. My self esteem is at a all time low again. I tire easily and have no idea what to do. Its a tough battle now, one I have to fight alone. I’m scared never imagined I would become obese. I always taught obesity was for fat people. Dam I was wrong.

Now I have to start eating healthy and exercising regularly. So hate this why me! Only one problem I have is? How do you eat healthy when you have to eat what you are given. Cause I’m unemployed and have to eat what mum cooks. This is gonna be harder than I taught. Guess eating all those fast foods like kfc, mc donalds and nando’s caught up with me.

Honestly I have no idea what to do or how to do it. Wish I had some help cause I’ve been reading how bad obesity can get if not treated etc. Sure being positive is great but if no actions are taken, its possible to die of obesity.

If anyone has been through or overcame obesity! Please share your advice. It would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Be kind to your fellow bloggers

Today as bloggers we in live our own society! If you are a blogger you know the work and effort you put into your content of your blog. I really hate when people spam you and use fake comments so that they can use your blog to link back to there’s. What’s a fake comment? When someone’s comment has nothing to do with the post you have written. Ping backs are cool because it gives your blog exposure.

When someone really does comment or likes your blog, you owe it to them to at least check out they blog and read a few posts. I found connecting with other bloggers, to be a great experience and that’s why I decided to write this post. In fact I love to team up with other bloggers and maybe let them write posts on my blog as a guest writer. This is what blogging is all about, sharing and connecting with others.

Don’t compete with one another but rather connect ,so that you’ll can share the traffic to you’ll blogs. Your fellow bloggers are your friends. I know its intimidating to see other blogs with thousands of followers and hundreds of likes. Do not fear their success but rather connect with them and asked them how did you do it. Being kind is the key and learning from others is being humble.

Why do you blog?

To many of us blogging is a way to express ourselves what ever the purpose. So ask yourself one question. Why do you blog? and what is your purpose?
Since my blog is my personal blog. My reason for blogging is to share my life experiences with the world so that people in similar situations will know that they are not alone. I also want to connect with other bloggers and have some intense conversations.

To blog isn’t like using twitter or facebook. Social media sites like that are meant to share snippets of your life. Having a blog removes limitation to say what you have to say. I’m proud to say that I have sixteen loyal followers to my blog. I appreciate every like or comment I get, it is a feeling of appreciation. It is because of people like you who are reading this post that make me so passionate to blog.