jealous #tweets

jealous #tweets

Social networking is what I do! Making friends. Today I noticed on facebook a female friend of mine posted a status follow me on twitter. So I did. We used to chat sometimes via inbox on facebook and had some great conversations.

Today we connected on twitter having some awesome but casual conversations. Nothing flirty. Just general conversation that was going well. Until? I got a tweet from a guy saying leave his girl alone? I was confused. A guy getting jealous over a twitter conversation. Besides she’s all the way in jozi and I’m in durban nothing could go on between us even if we wanted to.

I replied calmly to guy saying it was just a friendly tweet and you got nothing to worry about. We just facebook friends and its true. Well I replied to my friend on facebook. Inboxing and asking her if that is her boyfriend because I didn’t want to cause any problems. Neither has my friend or her fake ass boyfriend has replied. Yet they actively on twitter and facebook after I sent those messages.

Anyway I just think even if that guy is her boyfriend. He got issues. Because his asking me to be antisocial on a social network. Blah blah blah! If his so strict he should tell his girlfriend to stay off social networks for his own insecurity issues.

How many other girls I chat to on twitter that is somebody’s else’s girlfriend but they boyfriends don’t complain. Anyway it is still to be confirmed weather or not he is her boyfriend but I don’t really care. If I wanna tweet a friend I will. Until she tells me to back off only then I will.