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No time to blog! Work keeping me busy

Hi friends and bloggers. I know its been a while. I just want to say surprisingly life is good. I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of graphic design work coming my way lately and I’m grateful for the opportunities. Also finally now that I’m working more I could afford buying a new phone. I had a old alcatel pixi 1 with the android gingerbread os but now bought the alcatel pixi 2 with android jelly bean 🙂 .

I’ve been through a lot in the last month. I honestly can say I’ve grown in a positive way. Sure I had some ups and downs with my design client but I somehow managed to pull through and meet my clients needs. It feels good to feel like I have a purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Sure I’m dealing with my anxiety and depression issues still, but keeping busy helps not have time to be afraid or depressed I guess. Especially when you doing work that you love to do. I have been blessed in this month I thank God.

Well I’m glad I finally found some time to write a blog post. Finally free for the weekend no work. So gonna spend the weekend relaxing and catching up on tvshows and anime. Hope all of you have an awesome weekend too.


Oh Fark! I hate job hunting and being unemployed

Dam I woke up late today and suppose to start seriously looking for a job. Slept late last night having sex chats with one girl I kinda like but now I have like a hangover of over sleeping. Honestly haven’t put much effort today into looking for job because in my heart I’m doubting of ever finding one. I mean everyone is telling me how hard it’s gonna be. I’m so tired of people telling me how hard life is, no wonder there’s no positive change. People want to talk about the problem and remind people of how bad things are instead or talking about a solution.

I’m using google and websites to find jobs. There’s many sites with many jobs but nothing I really qualify for. How the hell I’m gonna get a job with no experience. Companies only hire people with experience and if you don’t work you can’t get experience and that’s really farked up.

Honestly I more looking for a job to help my family out rather than accomplish my dreams. I did have a job offer but out of my city. Unfortunately I won’t be able to handle that job cause I have asthma and need medication regularly which I won’t have if I took the job. I do feel guilty though for not taking the job and sadly my friend certainly made me feel guilty for not talking the job. But I’m a forgiving person and don’t hold on to things but its just hard to rebuild that trust again.

Right now I’m looking for a job in my city so that I can work and live my dream as a freelance graphic designer as side project until I have enough capital to do it full time. No luck still browsing through thousands of webpages. The day ain’t over and I will not give up yet, besides tomorrow is another day. I’m not 100% focus because I’m troubled but its good to no that I have friends that care and encourage me when I need it.

I’m sure there’s many of you out there who needs a job more than I do. We all struggling but we have to stay strong and believe and hope that something will change otherwise its over. I’m not a man of faith but until recently I’ve chosen to put my faith in god because I know can’t do this alone.
#personal_note Everyone have a great monday. Remember never to give up and always give a helping hand when ever you can.