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Finally printed my 1st set of business cards


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Hi I know it’s been a while since I posted anything positive but I actually do have good news.  I finally printed my first set of business cards.  I’m sure for most of you this isn’t anything special.  For me this is a huge deal.  Investing in myself.  I finally feel like an entrepreneur now.

I’m actually quite nervous now that I printed out my business cards.  It feels like I’m finally moving forward.  Sure I don’t expect business to be over flowing but I do believe it’s a starting point.

A special thanks to zak khan for pushing me. Encouraging me when I wanted to give up.  Also like to thank God for blessing me with many opportunities to learn more about graphic design and exploring this field.


My 1st entrepreneur sales pitch

Today I decided to finish work early so that I could go to a printing firm to get a quote for business cards that I’m designed and other quotes for flyers brochures.  Because I’m a graphic designer whose starting up and looking for a printing press where I can take my designs when I have clients. To be honest I was nervous. Anxious as hell to the point I almost stop myself from approaching the company.

Finally I went in the company and spoke to a consultant. As for my sales pitch! He was asking a butch of questions I wasn’t sure I could answer because I was feeling so overwhelmed, wondering what his thinking of me. Does he think I’m so loser taking a chance or am I really serious.

When it was my turn to speak I thought I was gonna blank out but the words just came out. Saying what I needed to say. How I wanted business cards brochures, flyers the works. Even I was a little impressed. Things went well but only to find out that the printing company doesn’t do the stuff I need printed. They mostly do large banners and printing on large material only and so on!

Even though it may of seemed like a loss I did gain a little confidence being able speak out the way I did. Usually I’m timid. So I finally took a step to entrepreneurship to me. Feels good and will keep on taking  baby steps till my graphic design freelance work earns me a living. So that I can work for myself on a permanent basis.

No time to blog! Work keeping me busy

Hi friends and bloggers. I know its been a while. I just want to say surprisingly life is good. I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of graphic design work coming my way lately and I’m grateful for the opportunities. Also finally now that I’m working more I could afford buying a new phone. I had a old alcatel pixi 1 with the android gingerbread os but now bought the alcatel pixi 2 with android jelly bean 🙂 .

I’ve been through a lot in the last month. I honestly can say I’ve grown in a positive way. Sure I had some ups and downs with my design client but I somehow managed to pull through and meet my clients needs. It feels good to feel like I have a purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Sure I’m dealing with my anxiety and depression issues still, but keeping busy helps not have time to be afraid or depressed I guess. Especially when you doing work that you love to do. I have been blessed in this month I thank God.

Well I’m glad I finally found some time to write a blog post. Finally free for the weekend no work. So gonna spend the weekend relaxing and catching up on tvshows and anime. Hope all of you have an awesome weekend too.

Working outside of my comfort zone

Yesterday for me was strangely an successful day. I had a graphic design job but the thing is I had to work at the clients office instead of my home. Its uncomfortable for me to work outside my home because of the pressure of getting the job done in a short time span. Cause when I usually work from home I can pull all nighters making sure its done right. Also I have anxiety which makes it even harder to work in an environment like that.

Thank God for his favour and I was glad that my friend Zak khan was there to help me. It turns out we make a good creative team. We manage to pull of a design I don’t normally do. A sketch telling a story in a poster cover. It was hard to meet the clients demands but we some how did it in the end. Normally that kind of work was impossible for me to do. Guess knowing that my friend is having back gave me the confidence I need to pull the job off. In the end our hard work paid off and I feel a little more confident and good about myself.

Taking my graphic designs skills online

There comes a point in a persons career when you ask yourself what am I doing wrong if you not getting results. Its been 3 years. I’ve doing graphic design for fun. Designed some posters for churches and favours for friends. Still I love what I do but its getting me nowhere. Freelance work is hard to come by and even when you do get freelance work you don’t make enough money.

It came to my attention that I should work as a graphic designer online. My friend Zak Suggested this to me and also was listening to one of pat Flynn’s podcast that suggested the same thing.

I’m don’t really know how exactly but from what my friend told me so far. Websites like stockexchange and istock will sell my designs and take a small percentage. Unfortunately it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Its takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. Still its works because while I do my freelance work from home. In my spare time I can use sites like istock and stockexchang to promote and sell my designs online.

Still I have no idea what I’m doing. So sunday I’m gonna meet up with my friend, have a master mind meeting and let him explain to me how exactly to go about things since his making money online. Its still a struggle for me since I don’t have internet or wifi. Everything online I do so far “like my blogging” is done from my phone.

I also launched my design brand flamingfoxgraphics recently and created the facebook page. Also sharing some of my designs on my facebook page and getting the word out there. I haven’t made that much of an impact on facebook or potential local clients. So I’m gonna give selling my designs online a shot and see what happens. Also anyone who can advise me. Give me any possible advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I am looking forward in trying a new direction. Its time for a change. I always wanted to embrace the online economy but always afraid to take that risk.

I couldn’t be ordinary even if I tried!

Ordinary to me is to be controlled by the rules people set on you or to tell you what is and what’s not possible. That life is meant to be lived in a certain way. Ordinary! Where’s the fun In that. I’ve tried being ordinary. Worked at a job I hated, letting family and friends decide what career I should do? It didn’t work because I’m not ordinary. I’ve always known there was something special inside me. Something I could never explain but felt. All I knew there was more to life then waking up, working, eating, sleeping and repeating the cycle.

Yes you may see me as a failure or even a loser right now. Me! I don’t see that. Yes its true I had a lot of failure in my life but without it! I wouldn’t of learnt how to be, a writer, actor, blogger, graphic designer, website designer and learnt marketing via social media. Maybe the path in life I’ve chosen isn’t logical but it made life worth living and exciting. Even if I died tomorrow without my dreams accomplished, I know I tried and lived doing so.

I’m not saying that everyone else is ordinary. Its just that they don’t allow themselves the freedom to explore who they really are! If you wanted to be a ship captain or a pilot but instead you working in sales. You denying yourself the experience and purpose that money can never buy. A fulfilled life.

The truth be told if I had gotten a good job with good pay straight after finishing school. I’d probably work there for the rest of my life and never try anything new. My dream is to work for myself. Be my own boss. Work my own hours. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it. I’m a freelance graphic designer at the moment and working on my own design brand.

Its not that I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job. Its because I can’t right now. Sure I have sever anxiety that freaks me out now and then but the only thing I can do right and succeed in is, working for myself. Maybe my freelance graphic design will turn into a business over time. Ordinary isn’t for me. I tried. I hated it. Now moving on.

Choosing a name for my graphic design facebook page is hard!

Welcome back bloggers, tweeters and friends from an awesome weekend. I wonder what you’ve been up to. As for me I’ve been working on a name for my graphic design brand. I tell you thinking of names is hard. I’ve been frustrated out of my mind thinking of names. What ever cool names I did think of! Is usually taken.

I really need to get this done because I feel without purpose being unemployed and all. Also I can’t do any freelance work without a company name or brand, otherwise people won’t bother to hire my services but if I got a facebook page with my designs, prices and contact details. I’ll be more likely to be known as a brand and get business slash clients.

Once I’ve accomplished that I’ll feel like I have a purpose or something to work towards. I don’t want to rush creating my facebook page but I feel pressured to do so. Still regardless on the name I am excited and eager to get things started. You know that feeling when you passionate about something that’s how I feel about this. If anyone knows any creative names or anything to do with graphic design feel free to comment.

I want to be the next apple type brand but in graphic design. Just maybe I could strike gold with my design brand. I don’t pretend to be an expert on branding but I do read a lot of blogs and ebooks. So fingers crossed hope it all works out guys. 🙂

My passion for graphic design

I’m sure many of you who see me now and think wow his a graphic designer! Its easy for him to say follow your passion. He went to a college and I can’t even afford that. Let me stop you right there. It was because I was passionate that i made a way to learn graphic design but its not the way you think so let me share my story.

I wasn’t always a graphic designer at the time. I was doing website design previously. I didn’t study website design simply learnt it from a few tutorials and ebooks. My websites looked boring so I need to spice things up by adding graphics to them. I had no money to pay someone to design graphics for my clients websites so i had to learnt it the hard way.

So I began to look for free software and blogs where I could learn these skills. It all starts with a google search. Finally after searching hundreds of pages I found a free software called gimp that can do the same things as the premium software photoshop. So I started learning to design graphics. Believe me when I tell you how bad I sucked at it. Regardless of my failed attempts I was still passionate to practice and learn day in and day out. Guess what after 3 years of sucking at it. I have finally become great at being a graphic designer.

A little advice you might want to know?

Following your passionate isn’t always easy. You will get people who will tell you that your wasting your time. It will never work. Your own mind will doubt if you are able to do it. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and just do what makes us happy. If you hate your job don’t quit just yet. Find out what’s your passion. Once you’ve done that read everything you can or need to know about it. Then you can start by doing it part time if you have a job. Until you are ready to follow your passion full time only then should you quit your job.

This article was inspired by another blogger’s article I read last night. He goes by the name Cristain Mihai. So do me a favour and check out his blog I’m sure he will inspire you like he inspired me. So go to http://cristianmihai.net . On other news I like to celebrate this being my 100th blog post. Its been awesome writing all these post and I’ll continue to share my life. My dreams. My mistakes. My successes. Most of all inspiration. If anyone wishes to guess blog with me anytime let me know by email at vishal4nw@gmail.com . I’d love to feature you on my blog so thank you for visiting.

I got some good news but its not official yet. So if everything goes as plan I will launch my new project next month so stay tuned.

#Personal_note: Following your passion isn’t a job its a journey. You learn along the way. You share your experiences and it inspires others.

A graphic designers confession! Gimp or photoshop

Hello fellow graphic designers. Its seems people have the wrong idea when it comes to gimp and photoshop. Its not a competition between these two software’s. Its quite simple gimp is an open source free software with similar capabilities to photoshop. There’s no doubt that photoshop is better than gimp but not everyone can afford photoshop. Its not what you use, its how you use it. “For example two different gaming consoles, the xbox and the playstation. Both consoles can play the latest games with the same capabilities despite the difference in features. Of course the xbox is cheaper than the playstation but both serve the same purpose as photoshop and gimp.”

I’ve used photoshop, gimp, corel draw and adobe fireworks and they all can do the same thing if you are creative and able to use it right. Photoshop wouldn’t be so expensive for nothing. Its worth every penny but has a lot going on there with features. If you can’t afford photoshop the second best choice would be coreldraw which is more affordable. Of course if you can afford software then I suggest you use gimp and inkscape, both are free and with the capabilities of photoshop and coreldraw.

The difference between gimp and photoshop.


Photoshop is hardcore and has a lot going on. So it may take you a while to adapt to its many features. Over all its great with many filters and features but its useless unless you no how to use it.

Benefit: You most likely to get a job as a graphic designer if you mastered photoshop.


Gimp is also a professional graphic design software. Gimp may not be power packed with features but it comes with the most necessary tools for designing. To make your gimp better you may have to tweak the software and install some plugins which can make you have more features close to photoshop.

Helpful hint : With gimp its quite difficult to get a job as a graphic designer that’s the bad news. The goods news is if you determined you can work for yourself and become a freelance graphic designer or simply start your design business. If you freelance no one would really care what software you use, but as long as they get a finish product.

In the end of the day its not what software you use its how creative you can use it.

#Watch out soon for my post on gimp freelance graphic design.

#This headers post was designed in gimp.

Teach yourself any skill using the internet

There’s a saying knowledge is power. Guess what the saying is true and I’m proof of that. About 3 to 4 years ago I didn’t have the money I needed to study at a college. I was disappointed but didn’t let that stop me. I got out my cellphone and googled the skills I wanted to learn, which was graphic design. I looked online for the best alternative ways to teach myself graphic design.

So I found ebooks and books online on graphic design and began to read them. I studied hard reading books and viewing tutorials and in time ,while using the knowledge of the internet I began to master the skills I needed. Proof of my work are the banners I usually design for my blog post ,I also do freelance graphic design and sometimes volunteer work by designing dvd covers for a local church. So today I taught I would just share my story for those of you who can’t afford going to college. It took me about 3 years to master the skills I have today.

The internet has expanded since 3 years ago. Now days you don’t have google or go through thousands of pages to learn something. I’m sure you heard of the famous dummies books brand. The dummies books are available on purchase from book stores or in libraries and listed in any topic. I’m sure you must be a little confused about what I’m getting at. So let me explain! Now you don’t have to go the library to get these dummies books. You can simply got to their website www.dummies.com to read their books online.

So say goodbye to those countless google searches and go to www.dummies.com and learn any skill you wish. To make things better the dummies book company has a mobile site making it easier for you to learn anything right from your cellphone, ipad, tablet etc. So remember you can do or learning anything if you put your mind to it, because I know I did.

#remember to comment or tweet me or any kind of feedback is great to me. 🙂