Choosing a name for my graphic design facebook page is hard!

Choosing a name for my graphic design facebook page is hard!

Welcome back bloggers, tweeters and friends from an awesome weekend. I wonder what you’ve been up to. As for me I’ve been working on a name for my graphic design brand. I tell you thinking of names is hard. I’ve been frustrated out of my mind thinking of names. What ever cool names I did think of! Is usually taken.

I really need to get this done because I feel without purpose being unemployed and all. Also I can’t do any freelance work without a company name or brand, otherwise people won’t bother to hire my services but if I got a facebook page with my designs, prices and contact details. I’ll be more likely to be known as a brand and get business slash clients.

Once I’ve accomplished that I’ll feel like I have a purpose or something to work towards. I don’t want to rush creating my facebook page but I feel pressured to do so. Still regardless on the name I am excited and eager to get things started. You know that feeling when you passionate about something that’s how I feel about this. If anyone knows any creative names or anything to do with graphic design feel free to comment.

I want to be the next apple type brand but in graphic design. Just maybe I could strike gold with my design brand. I don’t pretend to be an expert on branding but I do read a lot of blogs and ebooks. So fingers crossed hope it all works out guys. 🙂

Teach yourself any skill using the internet

Teach yourself any skill using the internet

There’s a saying knowledge is power. Guess what the saying is true and I’m proof of that. About 3 to 4 years ago I didn’t have the money I needed to study at a college. I was disappointed but didn’t let that stop me. I got out my cellphone and googled the skills I wanted to learn, which was graphic design. I looked online for the best alternative ways to teach myself graphic design.

So I found ebooks and books online on graphic design and began to read them. I studied hard reading books and viewing tutorials and in time ,while using the knowledge of the internet I began to master the skills I needed. Proof of my work are the banners I usually design for my blog post ,I also do freelance graphic design and sometimes volunteer work by designing dvd covers for a local church. So today I taught I would just share my story for those of you who can’t afford going to college. It took me about 3 years to master the skills I have today.

The internet has expanded since 3 years ago. Now days you don’t have google or go through thousands of pages to learn something. I’m sure you heard of the famous dummies books brand. The dummies books are available on purchase from book stores or in libraries and listed in any topic. I’m sure you must be a little confused about what I’m getting at. So let me explain! Now you don’t have to go the library to get these dummies books. You can simply got to their website to read their books online.

So say goodbye to those countless google searches and go to and learn any skill you wish. To make things better the dummies book company has a mobile site making it easier for you to learn anything right from your cellphone, ipad, tablet etc. So remember you can do or learning anything if you put your mind to it, because I know I did.

#remember to comment or tweet me or any kind of feedback is great to me. 🙂