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Last night’s Graphic design and novel conference was awesome

Hi bloggersphere finally I have some good news to post. Before I get to last night’s design event I must tell you how I got invited to such an event. A while back I saw a graphic designer in the paper and she suffers with anxiety like I do and even lives in the same town that I live in. I had to friend her on Facebook and tell her how much her story inspired me. After that we gotten a bit closer.  She even gave me advice on how I should improve as a graphic designer. Anyway last week she inboxed me and invited for last night’s event.

I was so nervous going alone and very anxious to talk to anyone since everyone else came in groups. Sure at first I had my doubts for coming at 1st since I was alone. I tried to make conversation with some designers and they where uptight and wanted to only talk with the people and group they came with. Anyway later on I started a conversation with the guys sitting in front on me and they where cool. One of them a writer and the other a comic book artist. So I asked them they if they did any comic book drawing like anime style. So he asked me if I was into anime and from there on we basically became friends and had stuff in common.

Points I took to heart from the speakers as a graphic designer.

1) Experiment at first what design or art form you like to do. Example digital painting art or vector art designs and then the one you feel most comfortable doing, stick with it and master it.

2) doesn’t matter if your work sucks. If your a writer or designer.  Keep doing it till you get an audience that will help you improve and know who to write and design for.

3) keep putting your work out there.  Day in and day out on your social media. Don’t be afraid.  You never know where your next job or client could come from. Become your biggest fan slash brand and portray your skill on your social accounts so people know exactly what you do.

Anyway after the event finish people where told to go the table and collaborate with artists in trying to draw a comic. It was fun. Something I’ve never done before.  Also before I left I made sure to greet the girl who invited me for the event. Since I never met her in person it was a huge honour. She said she wasn’t sure if it was me until I introduced myself.  She didn’t want to say anything in case it was the wrong person. Anyway she was so glad I came and told her how much it meant to me that she thought of inviting me and how much I admired her work as a graphic designer. So this morning she inboxed me on Facebook thanking me and told me how much it meant that I came to the event. Guess it was a great way to start today.  🙂 






Finding the right path for me!

Hey everyone its me! Been sick with the flu for the last 2 weeks. That sucked but… Gave me time to think about what I really want in life. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what that was. All I know I want to be a graphic designer which I am, but wasn’t sure what was the possibilities of a graphic designer?

When I tell people I’m a graphic designer they always so negative. They say things like they are so many better graphic designers etc blah blah blah and how it won’t work. So I decided to go on youtube and look at videos of : ‘In the day of a graphic designer’. Guess what! I found what I was looking for. The possibilities 🙂 Dam I wanted that life. I’ve finally found the life I want to work towards.

So this video I found on youtube that inspired me was about a guy who eventually quit his job to go full time into freelance graphic design. His story inspired me. He didn’t care about the odds. He did what he loved and worked hard at it. He also shared tips and advices that inspired me to want to become a better graphic designer in terms of qualities of work.

So I finally figured out the type of graphic designer I want to be. Which I will share later on another post . Also thinking of starting a design blog so people get real life insight of a freelance graphic designer.

Ok I’ll end with this! I want to challenge you to find out what it is you want in life. Comment? Mail me. Hell facebook me If you must I want to know what you up to my readers 🙂

Finding motivation

Do you ever like every day its a struggle. Practically hate your circumstances. Wish you had a better job, wish you was better looking, more talented or just something to make your life feel a lot better. I feel like that every day. Sadly I hate my life. I have no motivation to push me forward. Feels like I screwed up my last graphic design freelance opportunity.

Finding motivation to go on is hard. Sure I have some motivational sessions with my friend ‘Zak’. But what happens when I get home, I’m alone! No one but myself I have to rely on. Its scary. I’ve never been responsible. Pay the bills or going to work because I’m unemployed for so long. Also I stay with my parents.

I’m gonna be 30 soon in november and I’m overwhelmed because I’m having a hard time transitioning into an adult. I’m the guy who likes to sit and watch series, movies and anime. There was a time in my early twenties where I was ready to face life. Dream big. Until I got knocked down. Guess I haven’t really been able to recover since then. So I’ve been having issue with low self esteem, which led to me having anxiety and panic attacks which makes it hard for me to work or stay in a job.

All I know is! Despite my problems I need to become self motivated. I need to face life. Build my confidence and move forward or I am going to remain in the same place I’ve been in the last 4 years.

Well I’m writing this post because I want to push myself. Motivate myself and believe in myself again. Still I can’t shake this feeling of intimidation and unworthiness. I feel like I’m not good enough. No matter how hard I try! I screw up.

I don’t know how to motivate myself anymore but if there’s a way I will find it. All I want is a better life. To help my parents. Take my friends out for a movie and lunch. Motivate others with my success. Give hope to the hopeless. I want to do all this and more but how can I motivate others when I cannot even motivate myself?

Mark Zuckerberg just challenged me to become creative

I’m sure as you are reading this post you must be thinking what! He knows Mark Zuckerberg. The answer couldn’t be further from the truth. Last night I spent 6 hours downloading the social network. This movie I wanted to see in a long time but just couldn’t get my hands on it.

After watching this movie I felt challenged like mark zuckerberg was speaking to me hypothetically. I captured that moment of inspiration where mark was brain storming his idea’s for facebook. It also seems that I have some similar qualities like mark, because we both like to blog and share a lot. I’m certainly no mark zuckerbery but I hope to be someone like him that creates something of value to people and get rich from it.

Getting ReaL

This month I’ve been stagnate with my life, ideas and creativity. Believe it or not I haven’t shaven in a week and look like a caveman. Some how I was feeling down from not seeing any progress in my life. I’m working on a design brand once again because the name I once had is taken.

So starting over is frustrating. After watching the social network I realised its not good enough to just be passionate about your dreams because you will still fail. I’ve learn that you have to challenge yourself by doing things your haven’t done before, like a new sport or hobby. This allows you to stretch yourself to become more creative and think outside the box. If you just following your passions without challenging yourself you become stale without knowing it. Sometimes sticking to what you know limits you.

Well I owe my inspiration of today to Mark zuckerberg or at least his counter part from the social network.

James fanco just inspired me in Annapolis

James franco just made my saturday night. Not only is he an awesome actor but plays some interesting roles. I’m watching a movie called Annapolis. I got to say this movie is inspiring. The Lead actor is james franco who plays the role of someone trying out for the navy. This movie focus a lot about not giving up.

In this movie he has been told more than twice that he should give up. In fact his own father doubted him and expected him to fail. Then later training in the navy the head officer told him that he is bad news and should quit because his never gonna make it. He just ignore it and believed in himself and did what he had to do to succeed, and then even if that meant getting help.

Towards the end of this movie james franco turns things around learning and improving himself and finally succeeding. Its been a while since I seen a movie that inspired me so much. This movie is a must watch. Check out Annapolis. Trust you be inspired by the end of this movie.

My passion for graphic design

I’m sure many of you who see me now and think wow his a graphic designer! Its easy for him to say follow your passion. He went to a college and I can’t even afford that. Let me stop you right there. It was because I was passionate that i made a way to learn graphic design but its not the way you think so let me share my story.

I wasn’t always a graphic designer at the time. I was doing website design previously. I didn’t study website design simply learnt it from a few tutorials and ebooks. My websites looked boring so I need to spice things up by adding graphics to them. I had no money to pay someone to design graphics for my clients websites so i had to learnt it the hard way.

So I began to look for free software and blogs where I could learn these skills. It all starts with a google search. Finally after searching hundreds of pages I found a free software called gimp that can do the same things as the premium software photoshop. So I started learning to design graphics. Believe me when I tell you how bad I sucked at it. Regardless of my failed attempts I was still passionate to practice and learn day in and day out. Guess what after 3 years of sucking at it. I have finally become great at being a graphic designer.

A little advice you might want to know?

Following your passionate isn’t always easy. You will get people who will tell you that your wasting your time. It will never work. Your own mind will doubt if you are able to do it. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and just do what makes us happy. If you hate your job don’t quit just yet. Find out what’s your passion. Once you’ve done that read everything you can or need to know about it. Then you can start by doing it part time if you have a job. Until you are ready to follow your passion full time only then should you quit your job.

This article was inspired by another blogger’s article I read last night. He goes by the name Cristain Mihai. So do me a favour and check out his blog I’m sure he will inspire you like he inspired me. So go to http://cristianmihai.net . On other news I like to celebrate this being my 100th blog post. Its been awesome writing all these post and I’ll continue to share my life. My dreams. My mistakes. My successes. Most of all inspiration. If anyone wishes to guess blog with me anytime let me know by email at vishal4nw@gmail.com . I’d love to feature you on my blog so thank you for visiting.

I got some good news but its not official yet. So if everything goes as plan I will launch my new project next month so stay tuned.

#Personal_note: Following your passion isn’t a job its a journey. You learn along the way. You share your experiences and it inspires others.

A shout out to the blogger who inspired me to blog

If you wondering whose the guy in the photo above, well that’s the guy who inspired me to blog. Yes it’s true I love to blog but i owe it to him. His name is Zak a ordinary guy whose also a blogger, law student, photographer and a friend. At the time I used to design basic html websites as a freelance website designer but never did design a website for myself because I taught I didn’t have anything worth sharing.

To be honest even though I had knowledge of website design I knew nothing about blogging or what tumblr, blogger, wordpress was. It took me a while like a day or so but my website skills helped me to relate to the blogging platform. My friend Zak educated me about the blogging world and always gave me podcast’s and ebooks to read about blogging. So everything I know now is thanks to him.

So you know now who inspired me. That’s was just the beginning later he told me that I should start a blog cause I’m talented and creative so basically he motivated me. So I did start a blog before this one and it was a graphic design blog. He was right my blog was doing well to the point where people was asking me to collaborate with them on design projects. I would never imagined that I was as talent as that but thanks to blogger Zak and also known as brandedZak now I was able to come out of my box and do something.

Since then I have become a passionate blogger. There was a twist of fate since I was the one to inspire my friend to start a person blog. So that’s when I also decided to start my own personal blog. The beauty of this story is that it took a ordinary person to push me in the right direction. I live a more fulfilling life now cause I love to blog and if I’m busy I just can’t wait until I have to write my next blog post. If you like to visit brandedzak’s blog go to www.brandedzak.wordpress.com. Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if anyone has inspire you. I’d love to hear your story.

Personal_note: My advice to anyone is to surround yourself with people who will build you up and inspire you.

Self motivation is more important than motivation

Life is beautiful and not many people get to experience its joy. Many people go through life held down by depression and low self esteem. To get motivated is the first step to getting your life in order, but motivation doesn’t always last. I was watching a reality show where a motivation speaker Justin Cohen spoke about self motivation and how its different from motivation.

Motivation helps you act on what you want to do ,but when things begin to get hard then the motivation drops and eventually leads to depression. There after leads to self doubt. I have experienced this personally. Self motivation is the ability to encourage and motivate yourself consistently. This will help you overcome challengers and live your life to the fullest.

So how does one become self motivated?

Just like how someone would motivate you, you will motivate yourself. If you have a vision or dream for your life. Then you must try to imagine it and what it will feel like to have accomplished your goals and dreams. Once you have this image in your mind you will know what you fighting for and this will give you strength. When things get tough you must talk to yourself and encourage by saying to yourself ,that you are confident and you can overcome this. I know it sounds corny but these corny tips have helped many successful people to get to the top. The best advice I can give you is believe in yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

A personal note

I wrote this article because it is what I have been going through. I’m a graphic designer who lost faith in his abilities and had to ask a friend for advice. This made me stressed because I was working on a graphic design brand and couldn’t come up with a name. After my friend helped me and gave me advice, I was scared because I didn’t believe enough in myself to design a logo for my brand. Regardless of how I felt , I told myself I can do this and one day later I was able to focus and make a logo for my brand. Self motivation is the key.

Follow your dreams this 2013

The dust has settled from the holiday season and now its back to work for the new year. Now is the time to start planning ahead to ensure your dreams and successes come true. I’m unemployed at moment and if I don’t do something to take a step in the direction of my dreams I’m gonna lose my mind. Just saying for to long I’ve been living in the shadow of other peoples dreams and now I need to take a step in a new direction to build myself and my dreams.

The most important element of success I’ve learnt is? you have to have a set of goals, without any goals you are like a blind man walking into traffic on the street. Goals are meant to guide you step by step to achieve success. I’ve yet to sort out my goals, so I decided to find out what my goals are with a friend whose looking to do the same thing.

In my search for success I’ve been talking to a local celebrity and asked him what is success? his answer was and I quote “Success is different for each person & we end up chasing other peoples goals. Find out what success is for you then go for it!”

His answer really made me think a lot about what success meant to me. 2013 is really a year to start over and go after your dreams. So ask yourself this question before you attempt your dream, why do you want success. I believe once you’ve answered this question you will have a better understanding and purpose of what you need to do.

Forget the how and why? Questions and take on your dream one goal at a time because that’s what I plan on doing.

Everyone has fears!

No matter what your dream is there is always someone better then you. This often leads us into insecurity and doubt. This leads us into a competing mentality which often corrupts our decisions towards our dreams. Remember if you love what you do! You will do it for the right reason and enjoy it in the processes. Don’t compete with others, just do what you love to do and I promise you will be much happier.

So let 2013 bring everyone’s dreams «-come to light 🙂 best wishes ladies and gentlemen.

Working towards my dream project

Everyone has a dream and I am finally motivated to focused on mine. My dream project is to create a design brand in the field of graphic design. I know its not easy, so i began writing my goals list to help me take steps to get to where I want to be. My goal before this year ends is to come up with a name and logo for my brand.

Today I began brain storming to come up with idea’s for my brand and let me tell you its not easy. I don’t want to have a boring name for a company, I want something that sounds creative and funky. So I hit a dead end ,but thank god for google. I began to research and look at other brands for inspiration. Finally inspiration hit me but still can’t come up with a unique name. The inspiration that hit me was for a design logo and not a name. Well I do have till end of december to accomplish my first goal so I’m not over doing it today. Now I just skipped to the next task of my goals list, making my self organised.

I want to create a brand with a purpose and to provide a service. Now that i have taken the first steps, there’s some pressure on me to accomplish my goals. Today I’ve done a lot of reading about how others have achieved their dreams and that makes me feel like anything possible. Hopefully not so far from now I will be writing a post about how I became successful. 🙂