Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

What smart phone do you have? A blackberry, nokia, android or iphone. Well if you just using it for bbm ,instant messaging, facebook and twitter then don’t deserve a smart phone. Wait let me explain why? Smart phones have evolved to mini computers doing almost anything a pc can do? Wanna know more!

Smart phones means smarter apps. Apps that have higher capabilities. Now days smart phone apps can edit photos, edit videos, 3D gaming, high speed internet, video chats, edit spread sheets and word documents. Also you can read books in pdf and epub formats.

Had enough! Well I’m not done yet. Smart phones are also adapted for everything online made mobile. For example? There are apps for managing money. Apps for fitness and health. Banking apps. You wanna blog professionally straight from your smart phone! Well you can with wordpress, tumblr and blogger apps made to manage your blogs with ease.

Let’s not forgot social media. There are apps for every social network like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, myspace and instagram. The list can goes on. That’s why I get pissed when I see people using their smart phones only for texting, when there’s so much more they could do with it. it pays to be curious to experiment with apps and have fun in the process.

#question: To the audience? What are you doing to get the most out of your smart phone.

Instagram for blackberry! Really?

Instagram for blackberry! Really?

Today I login my twitter only to see people uploading pics via instagram. Its make mad but not in a serious way, just with envy lol. I have a blackberry so there’s no instagram for us. So I began to google search to see if there is any possible way to use instagram on blackberry.

Wait don’t get to excited…

Unfortunately didn’t have any luck with that. There’s not even a mobile site where we blackberry users can use instagram. There was some false hope where there was an app that had instagram feeds but sucked because you couldn’t upload photo’s with it.

Blackberry is becoming extinct or elminated by the competition!

There are rumours that an instagram app is being made for blackberry 10 but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Oh well I will still be left out since having an older model of blackberry so that’s sucks. If you got a blackberry looking for an instagram alternative use pic mix. It ain’t all bad! Pic mix is just like instagram but available for blackberry or android users.

#personal_note: blackberry is a sinking ship with android and iphone in the lead with the latest apps blackberry is counted out. Even nokia with its windows 8 mobile phones has taken off and up the ranks on top. So even with blackberry 10 it still will fall because it lacks “B.I.S”.

Instagram users I hate you lol.

Instagram users I hate you lol.

Its seems that more and more social networks are popping out of nowhere these days. Instagram seems to be one of them. Do we really need instragram, really? I mean there was flickr before, then photo bucket and lately, pinterest and now instagram. Seriously this is to much cause I rather upload photos to facebook or twitter instead of instagram.

Why do I hate you instragram! Because you don’t have a blackberry app and picmix doesn’t count. Iphone and android phones are well equipped for any new app but blackberry is a big NO. The real reason why I do hate you instragram users lol, is cause you’ll make it seem so exclusive and that kinda sucks. Just like facebook, instagram will become just another social network. So don’t get comfortable feeling so special lol.

Besides why do you bother with it do really wanna waste more time on a another social network , isn’t facebook and twitter enough or are you sucha a social media freak. How long before you just go to the next new social media site. So think about where you wanna waste your time careful. Well I guess I made my point and you no now I hate instagram.

I am curious why people use or love it so please comment and let me now why you use instagram and maybe you will have convinced me otherwise.

#personal_note: If you valuable your time you’ll be forced to make more sound decisions to improve your lifestyle.