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Am I losing my mind? because I’m Hallucinating

Just the other night I had a dream my mom was calling me and so I woke up because I heard her. So I went to see why she’s calling me. When went to see where she is, she sleeping. But I swore I heard her voicing calling me. I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me or I’m losing my mind.

Again last night I woke up middle of the night and heard the kitchen tap running so I went in the kitchen and it stopped. I looked in the lounge looked like my mom standing by the certain so I’m asking her why you up so late and she didn’t answer me. When I put the light on. Nobody was there. Honest to God I don’t what’s going on with me. I need to see my therapist soon but hope he doesn’t commit me to an mental institution. Had a dream about that to not long ago. So yeah I’m a little terrified.


Intellect vs Creativity

The debate of intellect vs creativity is a never ending battle. The truth be told ,not everybody is as intellectual or creative as they liked to be! The way I see it people are divided into two categories. You either intellectually smart or creative. I myself fall into the creative category, I mean I never been good at learning but always been good with idea’s .

So which category are you? If you have intellect , you will be good at studying, a high achiever, good with rules, good principles, organised and driven. Intellect is very knowledge based, meaning knowing a lot of information and knowing how to use it.

So what does it mean to be creative then. Well creativity is based on having a free spirit, not bound by rules, open minded, passionate, driven but spontaneous. The main thing you should know, creativity is created from imagination and not logical thinking.


So if you creative does it mean you not smart?


To be creative is to be smart its self. Basically with intellect and creativity you can achieve the same thing, “like two people hiking to the top of the same mountain but taking different paths to get there.”

#Intellect and creativity will always be on opposite sides, and yes people can be blessed enough to have them both, but one will always be more than the other.