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Attended my 1st entrepreneur conference #startupgrind Durban

Hi guys just want to say last night was the most epic night of my life. Why you ask? Because for the first time in my life I attended an entrepreneur convention. You won’t believe it but just the day before this event I got an email about this conference.  I wasn’t sure if it was for real or not but I knew I had to attend and booked my ticket right away.

So i arrived half hour earlier before everything started.  As I went in I noticed a lot of people around my age.  Some younger and older.  They all here looking to learn and grow their skills or business.  Never have I been in a room with so much positive energy.

So before the conference started I got to mingle and connect with like minded people in different fields.  The guy I met was a debt collector,  then a lawyer and other people with so many PhD’s.  It was quite overwhelming!  Because I’m only a graphic designer.  This beautiful women sitting across me asks me why so nervous.  I told that I’m overwhelmed being here with so many incredible people.  She told that I was an introvert.  We did talk more after the conference.  Also met women for Zimbabwe.  She to was very beautiful.  We chatted and talked about how we wanted to learn and improve ourselves and encouraging one another while having snacks that they sponsored.

Finally the conference started.  I’m anxious but excited.  So this speaker’s story really did inspire me because she used the Uber concept and applied to domestic workers.  Creating employment and at the same time making money.  I guess key point I learnt from the conference was good customer service is the key no matter what business.  People will want to use your service simply because they like how you take care of their needs.  I mean who can’t say no to that.

Finally the conference ended and I went to shake hands with the speaker and host to let them know what a great time I had and that I learnt something to apply in my own life.

Once again after the conference they gave desserts and giving people another chance to mingle.  I ate something chocolaty,  it was Devine. Then I spoke to girl whose a dentist and just needed some motivation and came to this conference for that very thing.  Positive energy vibed all across the room.  I honestly didn’t want to leave.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for me.  Never have I networked like this before.  I also had the opportunity to give out a few of my business cards.

So finally got home tired and satisfied.  Feeling good about myself.  Came in my room Laying on my bed logged onto Facebook and the pretty girl from Zimbabwe invites me to be friends. We chatted a bit about how great the experience was and said that we should keep in touch.

Just thought I’d share my epic experience with my blog family.  Also changed the theme of my blog.  It’s time for some changes I guess.  Anyway thanks for reading and if you was at #startupgrind Durban Google for entrepreneurs conference last night and reading this.  Comment,  email,  tweet me.  Love to connect with you.











Finding motivation

Do you ever like every day its a struggle. Practically hate your circumstances. Wish you had a better job, wish you was better looking, more talented or just something to make your life feel a lot better. I feel like that every day. Sadly I hate my life. I have no motivation to push me forward. Feels like I screwed up my last graphic design freelance opportunity.

Finding motivation to go on is hard. Sure I have some motivational sessions with my friend ‘Zak’. But what happens when I get home, I’m alone! No one but myself I have to rely on. Its scary. I’ve never been responsible. Pay the bills or going to work because I’m unemployed for so long. Also I stay with my parents.

I’m gonna be 30 soon in november and I’m overwhelmed because I’m having a hard time transitioning into an adult. I’m the guy who likes to sit and watch series, movies and anime. There was a time in my early twenties where I was ready to face life. Dream big. Until I got knocked down. Guess I haven’t really been able to recover since then. So I’ve been having issue with low self esteem, which led to me having anxiety and panic attacks which makes it hard for me to work or stay in a job.

All I know is! Despite my problems I need to become self motivated. I need to face life. Build my confidence and move forward or I am going to remain in the same place I’ve been in the last 4 years.

Well I’m writing this post because I want to push myself. Motivate myself and believe in myself again. Still I can’t shake this feeling of intimidation and unworthiness. I feel like I’m not good enough. No matter how hard I try! I screw up.

I don’t know how to motivate myself anymore but if there’s a way I will find it. All I want is a better life. To help my parents. Take my friends out for a movie and lunch. Motivate others with my success. Give hope to the hopeless. I want to do all this and more but how can I motivate others when I cannot even motivate myself?

Just finished reading pat flynn’s book #let go

The first thing you need to know about me! I hate to read but this book got my attention. This book is short and to the point. Basically its about a guy named pat flynn who shares his story about how he got laid off from work and later making himself a success by becoming self employed.
If you a fan of success stories i encourage you to buy and read this book.

What you will learn from this book?

You will be encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and try something new

You will learn that taking what ever knowledge you might have about a specific skill and become successful by publishing it online

You will learn that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and sometimes we have to take a risk in order to find our purpose

Most of all you will be inspired to go after your dreams if you lost hope or don’t think its possible anymore.

Your success will help others, like pat’s success helped me.

Pat flynn’s book is available on iphone via the snippet app, and mobile formats like the amazon kindle. You can buy pats book #letgo from http://patflynn.me/letgo/.

Clueless about my life!!!

Haven’t you ever woken up with the feeling that something is missing. I have! Right now my life doesn’t make any sense. Despite me being unemployed I used to feel a live but I guess I got used to being disappointed, to the point I stop trying. My life is on pause and afraid to try anything because if I press play I might have to face going through another set of hard times.

I guess no one can ever be ready when hard times come. It’s making decisions I guess that makes me clueless. If I do that! What if that’s the wrong decision. Its nerve wrecking trying to make all these choices wondering weather or not it will work out due past failures.

I’ve made to many bad decisions and now I am now paying the price for it. The question I have is how do I get back up and start over. Guess I’ve been on pause for to long now. I’m clueless right now on what to do! Things are hard at home. Things are with my health and most of all things are hard in my personal life.

This is not me saying I’ve given up. This is me saying its time to get up. I may lack the motivation right now but’s that’s ok. As clueless as I am! I’m going to believe that if I try to do something despite these hard times, then maybe it will lead to something good some how. Its a fools dream to believe such things but then again I am a fool for success. What do you think?

Working on project X

Its time I’ve decided to stop looking at unemployment as bad thing I guess. I’m looking to start a new project something that gives me purpose again. Since I’m still not sure what that is! I decided to call it, Project X. Haha I know sounds pretty cool right. Projects are a good way to gain fulfilment and build confidence.

My goal was originally to inspire south africans to become entrepreneurs and be successful. What’s changed is! I’ve tried to connect with south africans and they are happy living their lives the way it is. I’ve asked questions on facebook, twitter and people around me and its seems south africans aren’t willing to change their life style for a better tomorrow.

So I decided to cancel that project which I had named SnippetSA .Now looking to start something new. I do have another project with a friend but that’s currently in the pipe works and gonna be awesome but this new project I want to do is a project for myself.

Right now blogging is my only passion. Even my passion for graphic design is a bit low because I’m lacking motivation these days and so my designs are coming out pretty lame. A new project is exactly what I need to fire up my life and get my motivational juices pumping again. Project X is still a blank for now but if anyone would like to suggest any cool Ideas. Your input would greatly appreciated.

Inspirational monday’s quotes

Inspirational monday’s was a idea to design inspiration art to help change the way we look at monday’s. To be honest everyone dreads and hates monday’s. So I decided to take a positive approach and started designing stuff that inspired me.

#Personal_note: This post was meant to remind to be inspired even in hard times so that you maybe have hope and dreams.

Clueless Monday’s

Monday’s no one is really ready for it. Everyone hates going back to work after a relaxing weekend. For me this monday is a clueless one. I find myself without a purpose. Being unemployed is harder than I taught. When I say clueless! I don’t just mean monday’s. My life seems clueless because I’m not sure if anything I’m doing is right ,weather or not my dreams will work out.

Maybe I’m just feeling the monday blues. All I can do is believe in myself. Having a dream, goal or passion is never certain that you will ever accomplish what you set out to do. All I’ve done today is watch a tv show called homeland which is awesome from the morning. The rest of my days is pretty clueless. Sometimes I just feel like life is standing still and i want to do something but have no idea how to.

There are some productive things I could do? Like contact clients who need any graphic design done for them. The reason I haven’t done so! Is because I suck at publicly or just speaking in general. I’m sure they will see right through me. I get nervous easily. Maybe I’m just making excuses. Like I said before I’m pretty clueless. I would love some advice on the matter instead of using google to look for answers.

Hope you not having a clueless monday people so enjoy your day.

Personal_note: I’m not a terrorist just willing to die for my dream

I inspired myself with inspirational podasts at the library today!

You better believe it because I declare this a month of motivation. If you hadn’t noticed my posts this month mostly had to do with motivation and inspiration.

Today I was having a frustrating day and I was irritated like you won’t believe. It eventually hit me I was doing the exact same thing I did yesterday. So I decided not to sit at home today. So I got some gear which was a water bottle a note book and my sony ericsson phone loaded with inspiring podcasts. So my gear is packed and so I went to the grounds which wasn’t to far from my home.

Now settled at the grounds I’m seated, so I took out my notepad and pen. We all write down goals but we don’t often organise our goals lists. Like for example : personal goals, career goals, relationship goals and a daily task goals list. By not having my goals in order is no wonder why I was messing myself up. The day got interesting when I didn’t realise that school exams are now over and noticed young girls coming to the grounds and some where in couples doing stuff in certain corners that I will speak off then the police arrives.

The first thing that happen was the police looked at me like a suspect of a crime and asking me a bunch of questions like I was a criminal. Then they told me its not safe here so I left and went to the library. That’s where my inspiration began. I took a bunch of magazines to read and plugged in my earphones to listen to some inspirational podcasts that I downloaded the night before. Nothing better than listening to a podcast at the library because its a peaceful yet charm environment where you won’t be disturbed unlike home.

All I can say is I was motivated and started to think clearly. These podcasts made me realise that I am responsible for my own failure, sure it was had to accept but worth it. Once again I have to give credit to ZAK KHAN a friend cause his the one who got me hooked onto inspiring podcasts. Don’t worry for I will be doing a post soon and will be sharing where I get all my podcast and inspiration from so hope to hear from you guys.

#Person_note: You are as healthy as you eat, that’s goes the same for your mind. If focus and listen to negativity then you will become it. So read inspiring books listen to encouraging podcasts for sure it will change your mindset.

John maxwell conference at cpt was amazing and I got to be there live :)

Hello bloggers, readers and everyone, I know I’ve been talking about the john maxwell conference for weeks. Well finally I got to go yesterday but was to tired to write this post then ,so I wrote it today. This conference was mind blowing and the man is insightful. Sure before everything started I had to work as a deacon at the church and help people for seating but luckily at that time a few other speakers was talking. So I didn’t miss anything important. Another speaker there Dr David Malapoo he was also a powerful speaker. Being there live is totally different from watching podcasts and dvds.

I wanna go for more conferences like this. Gotta hand it to my pastor clive gopaul for allowing this conference to happen at our church. It was totally motivating. I learnt a lot and now I have to find my own way and apply what I’ve learnt, or I’ll just remain the same and repeat what I’ve been doing over and over again. Something john said that was insightful. He said and I quote the best a I can remember, “sometimes we try to change our situation just to find our self in the same situation later on, but really we need to change ourselves so that our situation also may changes”. Don’t you think that was some powerful words.

The atmosphere was amazing people getting motivated to ignite their dreams. It was like a fire burning on the inside of you at that moment and you just wanted to get up and do something. What I’ve also learnt is you have to be self motivated otherwise you will wait forever for someone to help you. Everything you do should be a step to help you improve.

My taught’s on why these famous entrepreneurs are kinda of mean with their content!

As great as a legend as john maxwell is, I remember a guy saying something on pat flynn’s smart passive income podcast about how some famous entrepreneurs charge a lot of money for a course and their content. That’s kind of disappointing really cause at the conference they mentioned a entrepreneur course that costed a whole lot of money. I admire pat flynn because his open and gives his stuff for free with no sign up or commitment.

Pat flynn is also a successful entrepreneur and makes his content easy and available for free so people can learn and become successful. I understand books and dvd’s people have to buy. Its a digital world where you can blog away with your taught’s. I mean famous entrepreneurs like john maxwell should have free podcasts available instead of going to itunes to pay for it. The man is legendary but if I’ve learnt anything from him ,it would be that you have to find our own way to success. Which means you don’t have to depend on these famous people but learn from them. Lastly didn’t mean to be offensive to you famous entrepreneurs just saying its a digital world you guys can make it more accessible to people who need it. So throw a bone to those who need it and give away stuff online for free ,it won’t cost you much.

#Personal_note: Practice makes perfect and if you want to do something, do it even if you suck at it, because the more you do something the more natural it will eventually become to be.

A shout out to the blogger who inspired me to blog

If you wondering whose the guy in the photo above, well that’s the guy who inspired me to blog. Yes it’s true I love to blog but i owe it to him. His name is Zak a ordinary guy whose also a blogger, law student, photographer and a friend. At the time I used to design basic html websites as a freelance website designer but never did design a website for myself because I taught I didn’t have anything worth sharing.

To be honest even though I had knowledge of website design I knew nothing about blogging or what tumblr, blogger, wordpress was. It took me a while like a day or so but my website skills helped me to relate to the blogging platform. My friend Zak educated me about the blogging world and always gave me podcast’s and ebooks to read about blogging. So everything I know now is thanks to him.

So you know now who inspired me. That’s was just the beginning later he told me that I should start a blog cause I’m talented and creative so basically he motivated me. So I did start a blog before this one and it was a graphic design blog. He was right my blog was doing well to the point where people was asking me to collaborate with them on design projects. I would never imagined that I was as talent as that but thanks to blogger Zak and also known as brandedZak now I was able to come out of my box and do something.

Since then I have become a passionate blogger. There was a twist of fate since I was the one to inspire my friend to start a person blog. So that’s when I also decided to start my own personal blog. The beauty of this story is that it took a ordinary person to push me in the right direction. I live a more fulfilling life now cause I love to blog and if I’m busy I just can’t wait until I have to write my next blog post. If you like to visit brandedzak’s blog go to www.brandedzak.wordpress.com. Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if anyone has inspire you. I’d love to hear your story.

Personal_note: My advice to anyone is to surround yourself with people who will build you up and inspire you.