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Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

What smart phone do you have? A blackberry, nokia, android or iphone. Well if you just using it for bbm ,instant messaging, facebook and twitter then don’t deserve a smart phone. Wait let me explain why? Smart phones have evolved to mini computers doing almost anything a pc can do? Wanna know more!

Smart phones means smarter apps. Apps that have higher capabilities. Now days smart phone apps can edit photos, edit videos, 3D gaming, high speed internet, video chats, edit spread sheets and word documents. Also you can read books in pdf and epub formats.

Had enough! Well I’m not done yet. Smart phones are also adapted for everything online made mobile. For example? There are apps for managing money. Apps for fitness and health. Banking apps. You wanna blog professionally straight from your smart phone! Well you can with wordpress, tumblr and blogger apps made to manage your blogs with ease.

Let’s not forgot social media. There are apps for every social network like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, myspace and instagram. The list can goes on. That’s why I get pissed when I see people using their smart phones only for texting, when there’s so much more they could do with it. it pays to be curious to experiment with apps and have fun in the process.

#question: To the audience? What are you doing to get the most out of your smart phone.


My cellphone collection from old to new!

Technology is growing so fast you have to keep up with the latest trends. Today as cleaning my room cupboards I found my old sony ericsson phone. I remember I kept it because It was my first colour screen phone. My phone was a sony ericsson t610. The features it had was java, internet and the camera. The camera was crap but not back then. The phone didn’t have operating systems like android or windows 8 like we have in today’s phones. The phone was pretty basic for a latest phone at the time. I took a photo of all the phones I had, as you can see in the picture above you.

I couldn’t find all my phones that I had but if I can remember correctly, all the phones I had was first a nokia 3410, second my sony ericsson t610, third a Motorola L7, fourth was a samsung can’t remember the model, fifth is a sony ericsson s312 and lastly my blackberry curve 8520.

The cap between my first and latest phone is about nine or ten years now. I can’t even imagine what cellphone’s will be like in about ten years from now. Now days we got ipads, blackberry playbooks and android tablets which is the latest and best of the portable technology. Before cellphone was for calling people but no one does that much these days, because of instant messengers. My next phone most likely will be between the samsung galaxy S3 or the nokia lumia.