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To be a just a graphic designer or an illustrator!

Lately I found myself thinking  a lot about the type of graphic designer I want to be. I mean everyone now days knows how to usephotoshop and add a few text and effects and you got a poster! But with illustration it starts from scratch and the design is what ever you want it to be. 100 per cent your creation. Of course there are people who actually do know what they doing in photoshop as graphic designers that I admire.  But this is just me choosing a different path.

Besides being an illustrator would also be something of a childhood dream of mine come true. As a kid I always love to draw my cartoon characters.  Even though I’m a crappy artist software like photoshop and illustrator help you improve with lots of practice.

For the last few months I have been practising  a lot and my drawing are less bad than before. Small improvement I guess. I do feel like a
kid again taking this direction in design. I guess after going for that design conference last month helped me come to the decision of being an illustrator. Meeting my local hero and artist telling me I can do it. Who wouldn’t feel inspired by that.

Anyway its just what I’ve been thinking about lately and since I
haven’t blogged as much I should I thought I was about time to write a
post. Besides I’m working on starting a graphic design blog soon. Getting a name for it is usually the hardest part. I’ve learnt a lot in the last few years and I’d love to give back and share my experiences.

Have an awesome weekend my blog family and here’s some simple work I’ve done recently 🙂





Overwhelming choices

Life isn’t so easy when you trying to aim for your dreams. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed and doubting myself. Why? Over 5 years ago I got into graphic design using free software ‘gimp and inkscape’ but as of lately I’ve been working in the print design industry and I have to use photoshop and illustrator. This means its like starting from scratch learning new software and how this industry works.

Its bad enough I have anxiety but now I can’t sleep. All I’m thinking about is when will I’ll been done learning this software. I’m anxious everyday. Its eating me up. I’ve even given thought to giving up on graphic design.

Sure I’m working now but my job might soon come to an end. Sure its a great job but I always wanted to be my own boss someday. Sure it sounds great in theory but its easier said than done. I still haven’t settled on a design for my own business cards. I haven’t had the courage yet to call or make any communication with any printing company that I might use in the future to print my clients designs.

It feels like a pipe dream, I’m 31 and Starting over in graphic design, Which makes me a beginner again. So do I even stand a chance? To start my own business. Its killing me all these choices. If only I had someone to talk to. Someone to help me in my field. That would be amazing but life isn’t that easy right. I don’t have the connections or the resources.

Do I give up or keep trying….! Guess we will see in time.

My graphic design error! digital to print

As a graphic designer in the real world it’s a lot more different. I’ve been so used to designing for digital, but now that I’ve gotten a job where i have to design for print. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I haven’t accounted for bleed and dpi.

Still I’m glad I’ve made these mistakes. I’ve learnt a lot since I started this job. I’m slowly easing into the designing for print. Well after viewing some tutorials and reading some design for print blogs I believe I’m up to speed when it comes to print design.

What’s funny is! I kind of come from 3 generations of family working in the printing industry. My dad and my 2 brothers, but some how I didn’t want to be evolved in the same industry as my family but some how i did even if its on the graphic design side which is slightly different.

Here’s 1 of my first designs to be printed as book cover. Please mind the quality my phone camera isn’t very good.


Getting back into graphic design

 photo gdpost.jpg

Its been a while since I started designing graphics again. You could say at some point I lost my confidence. So I stop designing graphics because I didn’t feel like I was good enough compared to other graphic designers.

Losing my confidence wasn’t such a bad thing because I learnt some valuable lessons.

1. Photoshop, gimp, and corel draw has nothing to do with graphic design.

I know what you thinking those tools are what is used to create graphics right. Yes that is true! Kind of. When I lost my confidence in myself I still knew how to use every tool in gimp and photoshop ,but couldn’t design a single thing. Simply because I couldn’t think of anything because I was so depression, anxious and stressed. Your mindset has everything to do with graphic design.

2. There are different types of graphic design

1)Digital artist, 2)typography, 3)vector graphics, 4) Digital photography(tweaking photos and adding effects etc)

I’d say I have a little bit of all these skills but generally good at one of them. Lately I’ve been improving my vector design skills because I wasn’t really that good at it. Also vector designs plays a major role in logos, drawing, clipart, identity or branding. Its not an easy skill to learn but it is fun to play around with. It takes time and imagination to learn but I love it and will never stop learning.

Of course it doesn’t start with a computer. You can start with a simple pen and paper. Draw chicken stretches and explore from there. If you looking to get into graphic design. My advice to you is? Have a passion for it or you will find yourself frustrated and you will burnt out learning something that you just wanna to do for the sake of doing. Also have an imagination and believe in your designs even if you people say they suck. Work at it until you happy with it. Learn from other graphic designers and most of all never compare yourself with someone else.

Choosing a name for my graphic design facebook page is hard!

Welcome back bloggers, tweeters and friends from an awesome weekend. I wonder what you’ve been up to. As for me I’ve been working on a name for my graphic design brand. I tell you thinking of names is hard. I’ve been frustrated out of my mind thinking of names. What ever cool names I did think of! Is usually taken.

I really need to get this done because I feel without purpose being unemployed and all. Also I can’t do any freelance work without a company name or brand, otherwise people won’t bother to hire my services but if I got a facebook page with my designs, prices and contact details. I’ll be more likely to be known as a brand and get business slash clients.

Once I’ve accomplished that I’ll feel like I have a purpose or something to work towards. I don’t want to rush creating my facebook page but I feel pressured to do so. Still regardless on the name I am excited and eager to get things started. You know that feeling when you passionate about something that’s how I feel about this. If anyone knows any creative names or anything to do with graphic design feel free to comment.

I want to be the next apple type brand but in graphic design. Just maybe I could strike gold with my design brand. I don’t pretend to be an expert on branding but I do read a lot of blogs and ebooks. So fingers crossed hope it all works out guys. 🙂

I love graphic design

We all have passions, goals and dreams. Graphic design was a passion I discovered by accident. I was originally learning website design at the time but realised my websites looked boring without graphics. In time as I began learning graphic design to improve my website’s look, it eventually hit me that I was more passionate about designing graphics. So I switched fields and only work on websites as a hobby.

My passion has gotten me this far, but I need to learn more about improving my designs skills and taking it to the next level. I’m more of a spontaneous guy but need to work more on my drafts, idea’s and being organised. I have a big dream that involves graphic design so I can’t give up the thing I love so much just yet.

This post I wrote because lately I been struggling for ideas for designs. Taught’s like I should give up has been creeping into my mind. I guess the reason I got stuck in a design rut was because I was comparing myself to other better graphic designers instead of improving myself. So I began reading graphic design articles and I feel more motivated now. You can learn a lot from other people when you stop comparing your abilities to there’s. Insecurity is only natural but dangerous if kept unchecked. So I will continue to design because its what I love to do.