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I met the perfect girl for me but!

Hey its me again. It’s finally the weekend and didn’t have much planned till a family friend invited my family for a birthday party.  My mom wasn’t to well so I decided I’d go with my dad.  I was really dreading going there. Like?  Whom will I talk to.  Hope we there not to long.

Finally we arrived there I was anxious to want to go home.  I was feeling uncomfortable. Social anxiety you could say. Still I tried to pass time by trying to make conversations with the people I did know.  It helped pass some time but not enough.  Then I noticed a cute girl I didn’t know.  I’ve kept trying to somehow cross paths to make a conversation with her but no luck.

Finally later that night she was outside alone I introduced myself and surprisingly the conversation was flowing like I didn’t have to try.  This has never happened to me before.  We also had a lot In common.  We both loved anime,  comic books,  the same tvshows and so on.  We clicked,  for me that’s a rare thing.  I knew this girl was amazing and I had to get to know her better. So some how I have the courage to ask her for her WhatsApp number I even gave her my phone to enter it.

The only problem was when I messaged her only to realized she added a fake number.  Cause the profile has been used in a week and I saw her use her WhatsApp last night and the profile pic was of a baby of different race and my messages weren’t going through.  I was so heart broken I mean I really liked this girl and she gave me a fake number.  That’s so mean.  I don’t know if I can ever ask a women out or for her number again 😦


The girl on the bus and I part ways

After a lazy weekend I had to get myself together and be ready for work. So this morning I got on the bus, anxious about getting to work. About 10 minutes later a beautiful girl gets on the bus and sits in front of me.

My heart pounding and feeling nervous. I wanted to go say hi and sit down next to her but my legs or body wouldn’t move. I was afraid of being rejected. Still I looked at her from where I sitting,  where she was playing and stroking her long beautiful hair. I’m thinking in my head I want to talk to her but my courage is empty. Finally my stop comes and I had to get off without saying a word to her. Parting ways 😦

Hopefully I will see her again but not chickening out like a little bitch as my friends would say.

30 and still single :(

Hi ladies I’m here to share my thoughts on being single. I’d also love some advice from you ladies. I’m single for many years now. I’m friendly, down to earth, easy to chat to. My major problem is I’m to shy in person. I feel like a lot of time has passed and I’m getting older by the day and would like to find someone to share my life with.

Truthful I’m also afraid of being rejected. Its also why I haven’t told many girls how I’ve felt about them. Heart break is incurable. Rejection makes you feel worthless. I have spoken to a few ladies lately but it didn’t go to well, there was no flow. We texted and the conversation went like this.

Me : Hi
Girl : Hi
Me : how you doing
Girl : K
Me, : wuup2
Girl : Ntm
Me : Really so you not doing anything, so u don’t wtv or something.
Girl : sometimes.
Me : what tvshows or series you into.
Girl : a lot

Like what the hell was is with the one word answers. Maybe I should of told her I was horny maybe she would fight with me but even that would of made for a better conversation.

Anyway the real reason I’m writing this post is I feel the clock is running out on me. My friends are getting married, and engaged and I’ll be the only one left single. Its gonna be a lonely path if I don’t catch up. Even my niece is serious with her boyfriend. Dam I got to find someone special. Why is it so hard to find love.

Anyone interested tweet me @vishal4nw or mail me at vishal4nw@gmail.com I honestly don’t mind settling for a long distance or foreign relationship right now.

Knowing your self worth

Do you know how valuable you are? That is a question people are afraid to ask. There are many people out there who don’t know their self worth.

5 examples of not knowing your self worth

1. A young girl who doesn’t feel she’s pretty enough to get a boyfriend, so she dresses like a slut and attracts guy by having sex with them.

2. An over weight guy who feels like he will never get married or ever get a girl, so his often depressed and wants to kill himself.

3. A average person with a low self-esteem who feels like there’s nothing to live for and often cries out for help by cutting or by inflicting pain on himself.

4. The unemployed guy or girl who turns to drugs because life is difficult.

5. Finally the rejected, people who try to fit in ,but never is accepted by society or social standards. So this often leads to people living a life to what people think you should be.

If you don’t know your self worth or don’t know who you are, then people will mostly likely take advantage of you. The first thing I can say is love yourself with your flaws and all, be confident in who you are despite what others may think. When you stop living to please people or stop living to the expectation they put on you, then you will live a happier and less stressful life.