Money or success?

Money or success?

Another day waking up and I’m unemployed! I asked myself the question do you want success or money? Normally I would say success because that’s what I’ve been working towards. Now that I’m not seeing any results you wonder if success is really worth it. As for complications I have anxiety that gotten worse over time.

So when things get hard and you become desperate its temping to say screw success. I just want money. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Its why I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve been really depressed. I’m anxious all the time wondering and waiting for something that would change my life for the better. Unfortunately in the real world people create their success not wait for it.

I don’t know what I’m doing. No college degrees. No real work experience. Do I even have a choice between money or success because if feels like both are out of my reach. Still I’m not giving up.

Guess my plan is to build myself confidence. Get healthy. believe in myself. Repair my relationship with God. Still not sure how I’m gonna do it but I’m sure someone out there whose reading this may of gone through something like this and succeeded. I’d love to hear what you have to say? So please do comment and share your advice.

Finding my entrepreneurial spirit

Finding my entrepreneurial spirit

We all measure success in different ways. Some of us want to be rich while others want to leave a mark in society. I have a dream myself and have been frustrated with it because I haven’t seen any improvement! So I taught. The truth is I’m not in a financially stable place in my life so my decisions have been based around money rather than vision. I have forgotten that having a dream isn’t about being selfish but instead, adding value to others. So it hit me I no longer want to just created a business. No I learnt that I need become an entrepreneur.

This is easier said than done. I would have to change the way I think meaning my mindset. Its pretty dam difficult because I’m a lazy guy when it comes to thinking I’d find any excuse to quite. So why I am telling you this because we talk ourselves out of doing things because of doubt. I also like to be transparent about my life to my readers. Yes life sucks with the resession and job losses these days. Its all the more reason why we need to become resourceful and start thinking like entrepreneurs.

So why is it so important for me to become an entrepreneur?

The truth is I feel like a loser sometimes and just want to prove to myself that I have what it takes to make it in this life.

Its time to fight back!

There’s a project I’ve been working on lately. It could be big or just something to inspire others. So I can’t really say much right now. I’m not sure if it will make me money so I am doubtful today weather or not to truly pursue it. So later today something hit me a taught that shook me. It told me that if I give up now I’d always be a loser and that I should believe in the potential of this protect. It really made me think because as working on this project earlier today I stopped brain storming because I wasn’t motivated. Its only natural to think my crazy idea wouldn’t work.

As reading about entrepreneurs I learnt that regardless of how I felt that I should put in the effort anyway. Entrepreneurs get shit done and that’s why they are who they are.


I’m done feeling sorry for myself.

I’m done taking shit from others.

Its time to go big or go home.

If I fail I will do so with a smile on my face for trying.

I’ve found my entrepreneur spirit

Now the hard part begins… to be continued

Clueless Monday’s

Clueless Monday’s

Monday’s no one is really ready for it. Everyone hates going back to work after a relaxing weekend. For me this monday is a clueless one. I find myself without a purpose. Being unemployed is harder than I taught. When I say clueless! I don’t just mean monday’s. My life seems clueless because I’m not sure if anything I’m doing is right ,weather or not my dreams will work out.

Maybe I’m just feeling the monday blues. All I can do is believe in myself. Having a dream, goal or passion is never certain that you will ever accomplish what you set out to do. All I’ve done today is watch a tv show called homeland which is awesome from the morning. The rest of my days is pretty clueless. Sometimes I just feel like life is standing still and i want to do something but have no idea how to.

There are some productive things I could do? Like contact clients who need any graphic design done for them. The reason I haven’t done so! Is because I suck at publicly or just speaking in general. I’m sure they will see right through me. I get nervous easily. Maybe I’m just making excuses. Like I said before I’m pretty clueless. I would love some advice on the matter instead of using google to look for answers.

Hope you not having a clueless monday people so enjoy your day.

Personal_note: I’m not a terrorist just willing to die for my dream

My passion for graphic design

My passion for graphic design

I’m sure many of you who see me now and think wow his a graphic designer! Its easy for him to say follow your passion. He went to a college and I can’t even afford that. Let me stop you right there. It was because I was passionate that i made a way to learn graphic design but its not the way you think so let me share my story.

I wasn’t always a graphic designer at the time. I was doing website design previously. I didn’t study website design simply learnt it from a few tutorials and ebooks. My websites looked boring so I need to spice things up by adding graphics to them. I had no money to pay someone to design graphics for my clients websites so i had to learnt it the hard way.

So I began to look for free software and blogs where I could learn these skills. It all starts with a google search. Finally after searching hundreds of pages I found a free software called gimp that can do the same things as the premium software photoshop. So I started learning to design graphics. Believe me when I tell you how bad I sucked at it. Regardless of my failed attempts I was still passionate to practice and learn day in and day out. Guess what after 3 years of sucking at it. I have finally become great at being a graphic designer.

A little advice you might want to know?

Following your passionate isn’t always easy. You will get people who will tell you that your wasting your time. It will never work. Your own mind will doubt if you are able to do it. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and just do what makes us happy. If you hate your job don’t quit just yet. Find out what’s your passion. Once you’ve done that read everything you can or need to know about it. Then you can start by doing it part time if you have a job. Until you are ready to follow your passion full time only then should you quit your job.

This article was inspired by another blogger’s article I read last night. He goes by the name Cristain Mihai. So do me a favour and check out his blog I’m sure he will inspire you like he inspired me. So go to . On other news I like to celebrate this being my 100th blog post. Its been awesome writing all these post and I’ll continue to share my life. My dreams. My mistakes. My successes. Most of all inspiration. If anyone wishes to guess blog with me anytime let me know by email at . I’d love to feature you on my blog so thank you for visiting.

I got some good news but its not official yet. So if everything goes as plan I will launch my new project next month so stay tuned.

#Personal_note: Following your passion isn’t a job its a journey. You learn along the way. You share your experiences and it inspires others.