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My first starbucks experience


Hi I’m sure you think this is no big deal but for me it is. Here in South Africa we didn’t have a Starbucks until recently. I’ve seen many movies where people are relaxing,  socializing and doing creative work on their laptops. That’s the experience I longed for.

Anyway that was just a dream for a while. A few weeks ago me and some friends decided to go to the mall and just chill and relax since it was such a boring night. Neither of us could drive so thank God for uber for taking us there.

So when we arrived there as we where walking into the mall, above us we saw a huge sign saying Starbucks. The time had arrived we had to try it and fulfill something I’ve dreamed about for a long time. I was surprised to see how busy it was. I ordered an original Starbucks hot chocolate and a Chocolate muffin.  When we went up stairs to get seated. It t was everything I imagined. The atmosphere was amazing.  People socializing,  people on their laptops in groups working on projects using wifi,  laptops and so on.

I could see myself here working on projects with my laptop as a graphic designer, but that’s a dream for another day 🙂


Human contact!

Hey its me sorry for the late post. Its been a hectic past 2 weeks with work and my birthday. Oh yeah I turned 32 on the 11th november. I don’t feel any older though. Work been crazy I think I pull off the impossible there meeting deadlines. Anyway lately I’ve been yearning for human contact! Ever since I been going for therapy and group therapy. I feel like I re integrated myself back into the real world. Because before my social anxiety was very bad and thanks to therapy. I feel more confidence being around people.

The problem now is? There isn’t any people around to socialise with or go out with. My friends are to busy with their own lives which I get. Also everything is instant messengers and social media when it comes to conversations with friends, so we don’t have to meet. That part sucks the most. Yes social media and IM+ where cool when they first came out. Now they just limit more human contact. This frustrates me and makes me feel lonely.

I can’t remember the last time I went out or saw a movie with friends or family. Mostly me and my friends download movies and series and just watch them but ourselves. Yes again life is starting to feel kinda lonely. I know most people would say get a girl friend but I don’t think one person gonna solve my yearning for socialising. Lucky though I have group therapy for the next 2 weeks. So hopefully things will get better from there.