She wants to be my booty call!

She wants to be my booty call!

Women drive me crazy and I love it but sometimes you have to draw the line. Men do have standards you know, even though women think we guys will sleep with anything with legs or at least that’s how the saying goes. A few months now I met a women on mxit ,its a south african instant messenger/ social network. We chatted from time to time as friends.

Clearly it seems she got the wrong message from me thinking I was into her. I made it clear with her I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Maybe I was imagining things that she was into me! Until she told me I got something to say and its gonna sound crazy. So I asked her what was is it. “She replied that she loves me, she’s says I know it sounds crazy but when I don’t chat to you I feel alone and when I do chat with you I feel alive. You drive me crazy and I just can’t explain it. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you this.

I thought to myself what the hell is going on here. I have to break things of with this crazy women, but i didn’t want to hurt her feeling in the process. So I acted like a jerk and told her listen I’m not looking for a relationship right now all I want is sex. I thought this would do it and she wouldn’t want nothing to do with me. That was my biggest mistake. She told me that’s fine and I could have sex with her as long as she got to be with me.

This started to freak me out. I stopped replying to her messages. She was stalking my facebook and commenting on my statuses a lot. Thank god she don’t have twitter or I’d be screwed since I use my twitter more often. Its seems I can’t do no wrong in this women’s eyes. I won’t pretend to be a saint. I love sex but I don’t just sleep around. I love that I have to get to know a women first and earn her trust before ever having sex with her. That to me means she’s of value and worth pursuing.

Oh sorry got a little side tracked there. Well I spoke to her last night again. She’s still crazy over me and its seems I have no way of breaking things off with her without hurting her feeling. So I told her I don’t want to be with you. Its not you its me. I know its the famous cheesy line usually found in movies but I had nothing else to go on. She said to me don’t worry its ok we can just have sex. When I heard that I just wanted scream and shout, because she didn’t get the message that I don’t want anything to do with her. Its just so frustrating.

The only thing I can do for now is block her on facebook and whatsapp. Delete her from my bbm and have no contact with her ever again.

I hate justin bieber and go to hell bielibers lol

I hate justin bieber and go to hell bielibers lol

I’m sure by now you know that justin bieber was in south africa just a few weeks ago and the sensation of biebers is pissing me off lol. Every girl I know is going crazy for justin bieber. I mean seriously girl its not like his gonna date you. So spare yourself the heart break his gone.

Regardless of justin’s departure girls around south african are like a cult of bielibers. This guy bieber comes here and seduces our women then leaves. I will just say it out loud. I am a anti justin bieber fan. I protest to no more biebers. Sure justin is a awesome singer. Its not personal I don’t hate him personally. I just hate the bielibers sensation.

Maybe I will get a lot of hate mail for this post but sometimes you gotta get stuff of your chest. If you a justin bieber fan cool. If you a bieliber I don’t like you hahaha. Its just my taught’s no need to get serious its not like its true. So belibe me or not its up to you.

The rise of the nerd in you

The rise of the nerd in you

Nerds? Why do people associate that as being uncool. Maybe it’s an american stereotype, I don’t know. Frankly I find nerds to be cool and rather interesting. I wish I was a nerd. Nerds are smart, brilliant, intellectual, tech savy, intelligent. Who wouldn’t want to be all that. If nerds was so uncool why is it that there is such a popular tv show like the big bang theory. Why? Because people can relate. Perhaps secretly people are nerds and maybe they hide they inner nerd to avoid social ridicule.

Here in south africa being a nerd isn’t much of an issue like in america. In south africa if you are a nerd! you will be everyone’s go to guy ,but sadly you will get used and abused for your skills. Because everyone wants to save and avoid spending money, for example a pretty girl next door doesn’t want to spend money to repair her computer, so she decides I’ll just use the nerd next door to do it for free.

I don’t buy the nerd stereotype. If being smart is a crime! Arrest me. Maybe nerds need to work on their physical appearance when it comes to clothes and glasses they wear! In my own way I’m nerdy and love comic books, comic book movies, technology and gadgets without the nerdy appearance. There’s nothing wrong with having an inner nerd, just know how you use it. I’ve seen lots of nerdy guys dating models and beautiful girls. If anything the radical of the nerds is over.


It is an new era where nerds rule. Now days having the latest technology and gadgets is such a trend and without even knowing it people have become nerdy. Think about it? besides having technology and gadgets notice how people are socialising like nerds on social networks ,instant messengers, chatroom’s and being antisocial. So don’t you notice the change in you or are you afraid to say it out loud! I am nerdy.

#So better believe it you are living in the era of the nerds.