RIP my dog “King” I will always miss you

RIP my dog “King” I will always miss you

Yesterday was the hardest day for me and my family.
We’ve been up from before 5 am yesterday morning. I can’t sleep. I can’t focus because from last week Thursday I noticed my male dog “King” wasn’t eating and seemed depressed. So last week friday my father and I took him to the vet. Its seemed he had gotten tick bite fever.

The vet had given him 4 injections and some medication. My dog seemed ok when we brought him home from the vet last friday but over the weekend he seemed to have gotten worst. From yesterday he has been spewing. That really scares me because that isn’t a good sign.

Yesterday morning when my dad was leaving for work. My dad noticed my dog had no strength to move. So I carried him inside to let him sleep in the house. To be honest I’m terrified. Depressed. King is my life. If I woke up and I was depressed. He would bark at me and force me to play with him and throw the ball. When I’m alone, or no friends is around I always have my dogs.

Now I’m scared when we take him to the vet that they might put him down. I’ve been praying harder than ever had in my life from last week for my dog to get better but he hasn’t. I’m frustrated, irritated, depressed and sad right now.

I can’t bare the thought of losing my dog. The impact it would have on my life. I would even blow off my friends, if we was going out. Id stay at home with my dogs if no one was at home like my parents wasn’t home. I would make any sacrifices for my dogs because that’s how much I love them, more than I love my own life.

Sadly yesterday his condition was critical. Suffering from kidney failure. The spca said we have to put him down or his gonna suffer a painful death if we take him home. Luckily my sister and niece came over to say their good byes because they loved him just as much as I did. I cried. I didn’t wanna let him go and the nurse there chased me from the room and she tried to counsel me after but failed.

I still can’t get over the shock that my dog ‘King’ is gone. The truth is I need him more than he needs me. My life has been a struggle and dealing with depression but waking everyday to see my dog ‘King’ gave me hope because he loved me and waited for me each day to play with him.

I don’t know how I’m gonna live my life. I feel like killing myself. I miss him so much. I will never forget him. I love you ‘King’.