The most boring weekend ever!

It’s Saturday not so much a yay day.  I’m actually bored out of my my mind.  Usually my neighbour’s dog Jackie a Jack Russell visits us every day but today she’s nowhere around.  Also no friends in sight.  Hey probably with their wives or girlfriends.  I honestly don’t know what to do.

I did start writing a book.  Only wrote 2 chapters it’s about anxiety.  Still I’m not in the mood to do anymore writing or doing any graphic design.  I want to go out.  Somewhere!  Anywhere but home.  It’s feels like so confined and life has no meaning right now.  Maybe if I had money or a girl friend.  Time would be better spent.

I think I’m just gonna sleep now.  I’m feeling so lazy and down.  It’s dam so hot also.  I know I’m complaining about nothing.  Maybe I’m just frustrated that my hard work is not paying off or the fact that i have so many Facebook friends and WhatsApp contacts and nobody will talk… 


To Go or not to Go!

Its friday and our neighbour’s daughter is getting married. Its a hindu or tamil wedding. So the wedding is actually tomorrow but they invited us also tonight. I’m not sure weather to go. I mean its gonna feel awkward sitting with my parents and yet again going to another function being single. Also most of the girls there come with their boyfriends or parents. So theirs no room for flirting or meeting someone new.

Still the upside is! There’s always good food at these events. Never mind that just looking at all the beautiful women is enough even if I don’t talk to them. The other reason why I don’t wanna go is because I cut my hair. I made it really short and I don’t look so good with this hairstyle. What was I thinking hey! It was hot and I was frustrated so yes I cut my own hair.

Usually when I go to these events that are in my neighbourhood. I usually sit with my one neighbour if possible. She always keeps me company! No she’s not single though just really sweet. I want to go but I’m in a crappy mood for some reason. So I’m not sure if I’ll be good company.

The thing is! The girl that’s getting married. Well a year or 2 ago we was getting to know each other better. Even though we are neighbours I never really spoke to her. So I added her on facebook she had broken up with her ex at the time and we used to stay up late chatting. There was some chemistry there but all of a sudden she disappeared. I haven’t heard from her in a while since then.

Late last year I see she’s back on facebook again but this time she has a boyfriend. So i noticed she unfriended me on facebook. So I added her again as a friend, but never spoken since then. Sorry I think I got a bit side tracked putting to much taught into this post remembering the history here.

Anyway if I don’t find something to wear and if I don’t look good wearing it. I am not going.

After an epic weekend back to reality

Hi happy new years everyone.

Waking up to monday is like waking up from an amazing dream you wished never ended. Now that today has come I feel the stress of reality thinking about looking for a job or getting clients for my freelance graphic design.

I felt like heaven this weekend. Going to the pool, having a braai, going to the cinema and just spending time with my friends. Its like nothing else mattered in that moment. No stress, no problems. Today I wake up and the weekend feels like it was a fantasy like something I just dreamt. Maybe its just me over reacting but life scares me cause I have anxiety which leds me to blow things out of proportion.

Also I’m thinking to much about what I’m gonna do, instead of just doing it. All advice is welcome. Just avoiding stress in the mean time while figure things out I guess.

Weekend madness making a movie #legacyofsteel

This weekend was a busy weekend for me, helping on set to make a movie legacy of steel. It is a south african movie based in durban city. Where I’m from. I taught I’d share this experience and reveal the movie trailer and show you the work that was put into this movie.

Of course credit goes to my friend and director renaldo e kell for editing this trailer. A special thanks to the cast for their time and effort this weekend. Its been a busy weekend working from friday night, saturday morning to sunday non stop. Also a special thanks to oyeshan reddy for letting us invade his house for saturday mid day’s shoot.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photo’s since I was doing the lighting and booming so I guess I should give myself a special thanks as well lmao. Next time I will get some behind the scenes footage for you guys. So I can show you what goes on the set of a movie. For any info on the movie just look up the hash tag #legacyofsteel on twitter and facebook 🙂

Awesome weekend at my neighbours wedding

Finally a weekend with a difference. My neighbours daughter is getting married. It was a hindu wedding, so the events started from friday night, saturday night, and finally the wedding on sunday. My neighbours house is colourful with lights and decor cause it is hindu custom. Our neighbourhood hasn’t been this lively for a while.

Guess I did benefit from this wedding. Celebrating someone else’s happiness like a wedding helped me get out of my own reality. Also I got to socialise with 2 girls in my neighbourhood. They sisters. We hardly see each other unless there’s a a birthday party or wedding in the area.

They sweet and pretty. If it wasn’t for them I’d bored without any company. I’d be left to sit with aunties otherwise. Nothing but female company at a wedding to make a guy look good. Also a small rumour at the wedding that people taught one of them was my girlfriend. Well people talk for nothing #lol. I did get to enjoy myself so that’s all that mattered.

I’m so tired now writing this post expressing my weekend. Just glad to celebrate something. I learnt that money, success, fame means nothing if you don’t have people to share it with.

Cheers to an awesome weekend

Its monday already so why am I saying cheers to the weekend that already past! Well its feels like its been forever since I had an awesome weekend with my friends. This weekend was exactly what I needed to de-stress. The best thing was I finally got to see fast and furious 6 which was awesome. Credit goes to oyeshan my friend who paid for the movie tickets and popcorn because I was broke. Sunday we gathered with friends to watch the wrestling ,some main event match.

Well there was a few hick cups along the way because my friend downloaded the wrestling from the internet but the file was to big and refused to play on the dvd player. So I had to convert and reduce the size of the video file which happen to work after! Finally we just started watching the wrestling and about to eat chips with dip until my friend got a phone call that changed everything.

My friend moses won the lotto and now is a millionaire. haha just kidding. No he got a call from his mother saying that someone had hit brother. So we rushed as fast as we could to see what happen. Apparently a drunk neighbour was started a fight. I won’t get into the details but my friend moses went to hit this drunk guy because after all he wants to protect his brother. Me and his brother basically had to hold him back from hitting that guy. Finally things did calmed down and that’s how my sunday ended with a bang.

Believe or not but I had the best sleep last night guess my stress levels went down after an awesome weekend.

A shout out to my friends Oyeshan who always knows how to give the bra’s (friends) a good time. Moses someone you can always count on. Zak wise and always giving awesome advice. Renaldo is wild card. He does the crazy and the unexpected things which leads to good times.

My apologies I Haven’t been blogging for a while

Hey! how you doing my blog friends and followers. My apologies for not posting. I have been caught up in my own little world lately. As my last post suggest my new possible job! Well that was a lie. Apparently people from my church who knew I was unemployed used me to do data capturing for our churches systems. My church is rich to the millions and they can’t afford to pay a guys whose hustling for about 3 days of updating their system. Sure that sucked being used by the church when I taught I was getting offered a job.

Oh well things do change my friend is doing a movie and offered to pay me for my time. Why can’t my rich church do that! I wonder. The past is the past no point holding a grudge time to move forward and enjoy the weekend to come.

On other news it is my niece’s birthday this weekend and my mom is cooking food outside for her on saturday. I can’t wait for that. Sadly I wouldn’t have enough time to spend with her due to filming this weekend but I guess I will have a few hours to make it count.

This week for me is an important one. My graphic design brand has to be redone due to another company having the same name. Have to get back to the drawing board and come up with a new name. I realised that I if don’t put myself out there that things will never change and I won’t be able to become a successful graphic designer. Once I’ve come up with a name I will create a facebook page for my work and designs.

As you can see its gonna be a busy week for me. So won’t be blogging until next week, so see you soon.