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Giving up certain privileges

Hey online world I know it’s been a while. Money is tight for me right now.  So even buying data is a privilege. Unfortunately I have to use carefully the little data I have. From December il only be able to use it for WhatsApp and blog and tweet once a month. Being unemployed is rough but not being able to help out at home is even worst.

I’m currently looking for a part time job which will be more manageable in my anxiety situation. Therapy is helping one step at a time.  I only wish things would get better quickly. Also got a therapy session this Friday which I’m looking forward to. 

Lately I’ve been trying to give my faith some influence in my life i guess there’s something comforting about knowing there’s a higher power looking out for you if you let it.  So yeah I began to pray small prayers every morning.  For some reason I just can’t bring myself to read my bible.

Also November is my birthday month so I’m hoping to celebrate that 🙂


I met the perfect girl for me but!

Hey its me again. It’s finally the weekend and didn’t have much planned till a family friend invited my family for a birthday party.  My mom wasn’t to well so I decided I’d go with my dad.  I was really dreading going there. Like?  Whom will I talk to.  Hope we there not to long.

Finally we arrived there I was anxious to want to go home.  I was feeling uncomfortable. Social anxiety you could say. Still I tried to pass time by trying to make conversations with the people I did know.  It helped pass some time but not enough.  Then I noticed a cute girl I didn’t know.  I’ve kept trying to somehow cross paths to make a conversation with her but no luck.

Finally later that night she was outside alone I introduced myself and surprisingly the conversation was flowing like I didn’t have to try.  This has never happened to me before.  We also had a lot In common.  We both loved anime,  comic books,  the same tvshows and so on.  We clicked,  for me that’s a rare thing.  I knew this girl was amazing and I had to get to know her better. So some how I have the courage to ask her for her WhatsApp number I even gave her my phone to enter it.

The only problem was when I messaged her only to realized she added a fake number.  Cause the profile has been used in a week and I saw her use her WhatsApp last night and the profile pic was of a baby of different race and my messages weren’t going through.  I was so heart broken I mean I really liked this girl and she gave me a fake number.  That’s so mean.  I don’t know if I can ever ask a women out or for her number again 😦

Why I still wanna get the nokia asha 503

Today I have a blackberry and its awesome but my keypad is slowly going. So who knows when I’m gonna need a new phone. Still with Android conquering the market its clearly the obvious choice. Android is on almost every device and now they have budget android phones so people still ask me why do you still want to get a nokia asha 503.

Its really simple! Firstly I’m unemployed. This matter because android eats a lot of data whereby the nokia asha doesn’t and it only charges you for what you using. Secondly most people with a top notch phone like the samsung galaxy s5 only use it for its most basic features like whatsapp, email, facebook, twitter, youtube, music, videos and lately bbm.
So basically they have an expensive phone to use basic features.

That’s exactly why I want to get the nokia asha 503 because I don’t need all the extra apps to eat my data. Just everything I need! The asha 503 provides. Twitter, facebook, internet, email, linkedin, music, videos, games, alternative blogging apps for blogger and wordpress. I’m not much a fan of instagram but the nokia asha has a 3rd party instagram app if you choose to use instagram on your asha.

Besides all the favourite apps like 4squares, wechat, line, youtube, viber and more you can get on the nokia asha. I’m not saying its perfect. It has some things about the phone that annoys me like? The screen should of been bigger? No multi tasking with apps accept for music player in the background. No default copy and paste feature but you can copy and paste on apps like operamini, uc browser and any other app that allows you to use that feature.

Good qualities : comes with facebook, twitter and more preloaded. The fastlane feature is a quick menu that allows to access your most used apps in a swipe. Also the phone looks dam good. The touch keypad is awesome and you can change the layouts of the keyboard touch screen. Still this is just my opinion but I’m sure can make up your own mind when buying a phone to suit your needs.

She wants to be my booty call!

Women drive me crazy and I love it but sometimes you have to draw the line. Men do have standards you know, even though women think we guys will sleep with anything with legs or at least that’s how the saying goes. A few months now I met a women on mxit ,its a south african instant messenger/ social network. We chatted from time to time as friends.

Clearly it seems she got the wrong message from me thinking I was into her. I made it clear with her I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Maybe I was imagining things that she was into me! Until she told me I got something to say and its gonna sound crazy. So I asked her what was is it. “She replied that she loves me, she’s says I know it sounds crazy but when I don’t chat to you I feel alone and when I do chat with you I feel alive. You drive me crazy and I just can’t explain it. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you this.

I thought to myself what the hell is going on here. I have to break things of with this crazy women, but i didn’t want to hurt her feeling in the process. So I acted like a jerk and told her listen I’m not looking for a relationship right now all I want is sex. I thought this would do it and she wouldn’t want nothing to do with me. That was my biggest mistake. She told me that’s fine and I could have sex with her as long as she got to be with me.

This started to freak me out. I stopped replying to her messages. She was stalking my facebook and commenting on my statuses a lot. Thank god she don’t have twitter or I’d be screwed since I use my twitter more often. Its seems I can’t do no wrong in this women’s eyes. I won’t pretend to be a saint. I love sex but I don’t just sleep around. I love that I have to get to know a women first and earn her trust before ever having sex with her. That to me means she’s of value and worth pursuing.

Oh sorry got a little side tracked there. Well I spoke to her last night again. She’s still crazy over me and its seems I have no way of breaking things off with her without hurting her feeling. So I told her I don’t want to be with you. Its not you its me. I know its the famous cheesy line usually found in movies but I had nothing else to go on. She said to me don’t worry its ok we can just have sex. When I heard that I just wanted scream and shout, because she didn’t get the message that I don’t want anything to do with her. Its just so frustrating.

The only thing I can do for now is block her on facebook and whatsapp. Delete her from my bbm and have no contact with her ever again.

Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

What smart phone do you have? A blackberry, nokia, android or iphone. Well if you just using it for bbm ,instant messaging, facebook and twitter then don’t deserve a smart phone. Wait let me explain why? Smart phones have evolved to mini computers doing almost anything a pc can do? Wanna know more!

Smart phones means smarter apps. Apps that have higher capabilities. Now days smart phone apps can edit photos, edit videos, 3D gaming, high speed internet, video chats, edit spread sheets and word documents. Also you can read books in pdf and epub formats.

Had enough! Well I’m not done yet. Smart phones are also adapted for everything online made mobile. For example? There are apps for managing money. Apps for fitness and health. Banking apps. You wanna blog professionally straight from your smart phone! Well you can with wordpress, tumblr and blogger apps made to manage your blogs with ease.

Let’s not forgot social media. There are apps for every social network like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, myspace and instagram. The list can goes on. That’s why I get pissed when I see people using their smart phones only for texting, when there’s so much more they could do with it. it pays to be curious to experiment with apps and have fun in the process.

#question: To the audience? What are you doing to get the most out of your smart phone.

To be honest I’m tired and bored with my blackberry. This phone is boring. If it wasn’t for the blackberry internet service I’d be done with it already. Also I got this phone for 2 years plus now, and the buttons and keypad is damaged but not so badly that I can’t use it, but I’ll just keep my blackberry as back up to download stuff and get a new phone as the primary one.

I’ve considered getting the nokia 210 because its a budget phone. Its affordable, it looks great and has a QWERTY keyboard and most of all its a smart phone. So I can still use smart instant messengers like whatsapp. What makes this phone even better it a shortcut key button to open whatsapp as you can see in the picture above. I hate touch screen phones, after having my blackberry I can’t go back to a normal keypad.

The real reason why i want that phone is. I love to blog and with a QWERTY keyboard I can still blog. I don’t need any fancy apps just as long as I can use whatsapp to chat to my friends, take photos, listen to podcasts, watch videos, download stuff and use the internet. Then that’s good enough for me. Because I don’t really have much money now. My pc is faulty and who knowns when it will fall apart but as long as I have a good smartphone I’ll survive. Technology and social media is my life.

Price USD:$76 of this phone. You could say this is a whatsapp branded phone 🙂

My new favorite instant messenger : wechat

Finally a new instant messenger that’s not bbm or whatsapp. Wechat is my new favourite instant messenger. This app is like both whatsapp and bbm in one but available for all types of smart phones. This app also has a feature to make new friends with its search feature, which allows you to find people in your area or city who are using this app.

What can I tell you about this app

Its fast,

You can instantly use voice chats which is cool,

You can easily add people by their phone number as contacts or make new friends with the search feature,

Has a clean and simple interface.

Its available for Iphone, android, nokia s40, symbian, blackberry and windows phone.

This app is perfect for every smartphone. I’m personal playing around with this app and testing it. Its surprising to see how many people around me are using it when I used the search feature.
Unlike whatsapp its free with no annoying license or need to update it every month. I just taught I’d share this app with you guys. Who knows you might be already using it. If you like to add me give me a shout or comment or tell me your version of this app.

Thinking of de-activating my facebook account

Facebook to me was another world where I lived in. Today facebook is just another way to waste time. Nobody comments or writes on my facebook like they used too! People only seem to like my statuses which is a very lazy attempt, besides i mostly chat to my close friends on instant messengers like whatsapp or bbm. The reason i used to use facebook was to make new friends but its seems other people are not as open minded as I taught. People on social networks seem to be antisocial.

I been spending more time on my twitter these days so I guess I have some negative feeling towards facebook. The thing that ticks me of the most about facebook is when you add someone as friend and they accept your invite, when you write on they wall and they will ask you stupid questions. Well for example questions like? Do I know you. If you read their profile and say to them I see you into horror movies. Guess what they will think you stalking them, when you just read from they profile about their interests. I mean what the hell are profiles for then.

Facebook has its good and bad qualities. So I’m gonna sleep on it and think about weather or not to de-active my account. 🙂

Why? i hate facebook!

Facebook used to be a great way to communicate but now days its just a tool to waste time. When facebook first came out, it was new and exciting. Has facebook lost its purpose? It would seem so. Facebook is more antisocial than I taught! because people only talk to people in their own social circles, and these people are the same friends they already have on their instant messengers like Whatsapp and BBM.

How boring is it to talk to the same friends everyday using these new technologies. I love using facebook to make new friends that are from around the world ,to find out what are people doing for fun in Japan, Canada or anywhere I haven’t been. Come on doesn’t it sounds more interesting reading a facebook friends status from another country than someone you know.

Its just seems to me that we abuse the technology because it has become apart of our daily lives. Today I logged in my facebook and was so annoyed about how stupid statuses people I know put! They status wasn’t even anything they wrote, it was quotes copied from twitter posts. Seriously you posting that as a status. Social networks are about sharing your own taught’s and to connect to world outside the one you already know. I’m sorry to say that people are just wasting valuable time stealing other people statuses! And quotes.

#From all I’ve written you can see why I hate facebook so much. I could go on about how I hate facebook but I think you get the point.