I couldn’t be ordinary even if I tried!

I couldn’t be ordinary even if I tried!

Ordinary to me is to be controlled by the rules people set on you or to tell you what is and what’s not possible. That life is meant to be lived in a certain way. Ordinary! Where’s the fun In that. I’ve tried being ordinary. Worked at a job I hated, letting family and friends decide what career I should do? It didn’t work because I’m not ordinary. I’ve always known there was something special inside me. Something I could never explain but felt. All I knew there was more to life then waking up, working, eating, sleeping and repeating the cycle.

Yes you may see me as a failure or even a loser right now. Me! I don’t see that. Yes its true I had a lot of failure in my life but without it! I wouldn’t of learnt how to be, a writer, actor, blogger, graphic designer, website designer and learnt marketing via social media. Maybe the path in life I’ve chosen isn’t logical but it made life worth living and exciting. Even if I died tomorrow without my dreams accomplished, I know I tried and lived doing so.

I’m not saying that everyone else is ordinary. Its just that they don’t allow themselves the freedom to explore who they really are! If you wanted to be a ship captain or a pilot but instead you working in sales. You denying yourself the experience and purpose that money can never buy. A fulfilled life.

The truth be told if I had gotten a good job with good pay straight after finishing school. I’d probably work there for the rest of my life and never try anything new. My dream is to work for myself. Be my own boss. Work my own hours. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it. I’m a freelance graphic designer at the moment and working on my own design brand.

Its not that I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job. Its because I can’t right now. Sure I have sever anxiety that freaks me out now and then but the only thing I can do right and succeed in is, working for myself. Maybe my freelance graphic design will turn into a business over time. Ordinary isn’t for me. I tried. I hated it. Now moving on.

Using #Operamini browser to discover a new social society

Using #Operamini browser to discover a new social society

Yesterday I was playing around with my phone looking for something to do. I usually browse the internet using operamini because its cheaper to use with data. So I was checking my bookmarks on my operamini browser I came cross Myopera community. Myopera community is a social network slash blog platform purely designed to work on any mobile device that uses the operamini browser.

So last night I began to experiment with Myopera community. Created a email with opera community which you don’t have to do. You can also just sign up with your own gmail or yahoo email. Anyway once I’ve done that, I created a profile filled in some details and clicked done. Now signed in my account to browse and see what this community was about.

I was kinda of impressed because this community is like facebook but with more features. Unlike facebook you don’t have a wall but a blog page where you can put anything from sharing photos, to youtube videos or just write content about your life. You can create groups or forums. The best part of this community for me is? Its made for mobile specifically operamini browsers.

These are simple screenshots I took with my blackberry of course I had to edit them because you can’t view the whole page in a screeshot.

You can customise your blog page from the way it looks and edit it the way you want straight from your operamini browser. You don’t even need a smart phone to manage your myopera blog. Its works on all phones with operamini which is everyphone these days 🙂 . I love blogging on my wordpress blog from my blackberry but wordpress isn’t 100% mobile friendly. I can’t edit my wordpress blog on my mobile. I’m just saying if you love to blog and can’t because of technically issues! Then signup and use myopera community to blog, its easy.

Oh I only have been using it from last night and 5 people already invited me to be friends how awesome is that 🙂

Giving Google plus a second shot

Giving Google plus a second shot

I’m a social media fanatic. Love socialising and connecting with people. Unfortunately my past experience with google plus was kind of disappointing. Well I’m bored kind of unemployed and with time to spare. So I’m giving google plus a second chance.

Since I’m a mobile blogger and social trender, I use google plus on the mobile site. I don’t have an app because blackberry doesn’t have an app yet. Anyway the mobile site is pretty clean and neat better than facebook I think. Just have a problem connecting with people there.

Its seems people only use google plus profiles to share links and share their brands. I’m kinda guilty of that to. Maybe if I added more peoples personal profiles on google plus I’d have more interaction. Also people hardly up date their profiles unless their a popular brand. I find google plus to be boring but sharing my links there do rank up in google search engines.

To be honest I think google plus has a lot of potential but maybe we need to give it a little more time before people actually get into it or catch with the trend. As for me I’ll still use it but not as much as use I twitter or my wordpress blog. Google plus still has a long way to go before anyone really takes it seriously.

Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

Smart phones are made for more than just texting, let me tell you why?

What smart phone do you have? A blackberry, nokia, android or iphone. Well if you just using it for bbm ,instant messaging, facebook and twitter then don’t deserve a smart phone. Wait let me explain why? Smart phones have evolved to mini computers doing almost anything a pc can do? Wanna know more!

Smart phones means smarter apps. Apps that have higher capabilities. Now days smart phone apps can edit photos, edit videos, 3D gaming, high speed internet, video chats, edit spread sheets and word documents. Also you can read books in pdf and epub formats.

Had enough! Well I’m not done yet. Smart phones are also adapted for everything online made mobile. For example? There are apps for managing money. Apps for fitness and health. Banking apps. You wanna blog professionally straight from your smart phone! Well you can with wordpress, tumblr and blogger apps made to manage your blogs with ease.

Let’s not forgot social media. There are apps for every social network like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, myspace and instagram. The list can goes on. That’s why I get pissed when I see people using their smart phones only for texting, when there’s so much more they could do with it. it pays to be curious to experiment with apps and have fun in the process.

#question: To the audience? What are you doing to get the most out of your smart phone.


Taught’s behind a blog post

Many bloggers like myself put a lot of taught into a blog post. In fact this very post was inspired by that very taught. Today I taught to myself I’d do a blog post but couldn’t really think of what to blog about. Then I realised how much taught we bloggers put into every post. This really makes you appreciate blogging a lot more ,but what pisses me off is people who copy and paste (steal) content, just to drive traffic to their blogs.

Things people think about when writing a blog article!

I wonder how many comments or likes I’d get for this post

Is my article good enough

I need a better blog title so people will read my blog

Did people understand the message I was trying to send.

These are just a few examples and not taught’s you think about out loud but unconsciously. Its takes me about an hour to finish a blog post. Why am I saying this? Because I appreciate the effort that people put into blogging.

Anyone can blog about anything but its your passion that drives you to write awesome articles in the end. So what do you think about? When you blog. Let me know or comment so others can relate with you 🙂

Blogs I think you should check out

Blogs I think you should check out

Be honest with yourself! Don’t you want to a read blogs by real people instead of something artificial. I hate reading those super professional blogs that may seem like they are written by robot’s. So I put together a list of blogs that I read recently that are written by real people. So check them out.

Personal blog’s





Movie blog’s



If u into 50 shades of grey kind of stuff. Only read if you 18 or older.




Hope you guys enjoy reading these blog’s because I know I have 🙂

I wasn’t always a blogger!

I wasn’t always a blogger!

The first thing you should know about me is that the internet has always interested me. For a long time I wanted to make a personal website but I stopped myself because I didn’t ever think I had anything worth sharing. I had a vast knowledge of blogging since I was into website and cms designs but never really created a website for myself.

Later on my friend zak khan who inspired me to create my first blog called askvishal. That blog was strictly a graphic design blog. I no longer use that blog because it was a trail basis to see if I would enjoy blogging and I did. Now that I have the experience of a blogger I can create a proper graphic design blog later on that will be successful. It wasn’t long before I started this blog, my personal blog.

It was you the readers that inspired me to be myself. Every time someone comments or liked anything I’ve written, it makes me happy knowing that you value my taught’s. Most of all I write because I want to relate to people going through similar walks of life.

I’d never taught I’d ever hear someone call me a blogger certainly not here at home. It was a surprise to find out one of my neighbours actually reads my blog and calls me a blogger. In southafrica blogging isn’t as common like in america or the uk.
Sure the technology is up to standard in our country but the internet sucks because its pricey.

#One question : do you consider yourself as a blogger? Comment and let me know what are your taughts.